11 Replies to “Milos Travel Vlog – Cyclades hopping – Mykonos, Milos, Santorini”

  1. The SavvyBostonian by Jessica Gioglio

    What a gorgeous holiday! I now want to visit Milos after watching your video. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Eran L Stevy

    Welcome ! 🙏


    Thought to bring you the first quest of the Heladeepa Exploration Team!

    We can identify Rajurugala or Rajjuruwagala as a place where many heritage sites of historical significance are hidden.

    So if you come we are ready to guide you and provide you the tents and other things you need!

    In particular, this place is a place of historical heritage as well as ecological significance!

    There are two ways to get here, we went on the road across Kuruwita Batatota! The other road is through Deraniyagala!

    We can reach this place by traveling about 7 km along the Erathna-Batatota road through the town of Kuruwita which meets the main road from Colombo to Ratnapura.

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