Would You Live In This 3D Printed House?

Today we are exploring construction tech start up Mighty Buildings invention: A 3D Printed House! Would you opt for a 3D printed house or the traditional style of building? For more info on Mighty Buildings:
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Last week explored Cheap Old Houses, this week we are exploring houses of the future. Traditional stick built homes are becoming a thing of the past as tech has ventured in construction. Prefabricated homes are built in factories and minimal construction is done on site to save time, money, waste, etc. Mighty Buildings created a composite material to 3D print accessory dwelling units in as little as 2 weeks. They are working to expand into homes as well.

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47 Replies to “Would You Live In This 3D Printed House?”

  1. Allison

    Yessss can't wait to hear more about accessory dwelling units!! I think they are the future of affordable housing in the US while we slowly increase housing density in urban areas. I'm hoping more cities get on the Minneapolis train and abolish single family zoning within city limits. That way more people can build ADUs, convert large houses into duplexes, etc slowly over time.

  2. Ash Tanya

    "It's not healthy for humans to always be sitting in bed"

    Me watching this in my bed right now 👁👄👁

  3. Jarett Gross

    Great job with this video Monica! There are many other companies 3D printing houses its actually the sole topic I cover on my channel. If you are into the topic of 3D printed houses I could certainly get you in touch!

  4. Rana Yassine

    Idk how i feel about the massive glass windows/ doors. I hope there's some kinda electric drapes or shades.

  5. Henry Chung

    first of all, let me say it, both you and your sister are gorgeous! I think the whole idea to go 3D printed house is to lower the price and save time, to me $110 k for 350 sf, about $314/sf is pretty expansive! In NYS new built condo is only cost from $800/sf which is the complete unit included the land(space) too!

  6. Iman Fadilah

    Wtf … I didnt realize that this isn't shelby until she said my sister shelby and I saw shelby "again" and I fuckingg flippedssddssdssdssdddd


    Great vid showcasing this home, just please do more research on design and architecture so you can really tell the viewers with confidence what you’re showing. Rather than, “i really like this,” or “this adds a really nice texture,” every sentence.

  8. biff322

    That price is ridiculous. It's a small one room box, take a zero off that price and maybe… But you can still buy a prebuilt shed and finish it out for a lot cheaper.

  9. Da Cheez

    Yeah, that house is great and all…but 115k for 350 square feet? Maybe if they can get that down to 15-20k that would make sense, but 115k? Get outta here.

  10. Romanome

    Pre fab is not the future of building lmao. House construction doesn't require you to bring heavy machinery to the site. Other than to pour concrete and deliver trusses. Its a lot more efficient to build on site. But for a tiny portable house, why not

  11. YourDarling

    Bruh, for that much i could buy a house and land in Texas. 3k sq ft house with about an acre was 145k for me and in a really nice neighborhood.

  12. Elisa Stuart-Wilkins

    Multiple 👍up !!! I'm dieing for a video of u showing this company. 3 D printed homes – mind officially blown !!!!

  13. Shianne Cooper

    When she says “it’s really healthy for humans to not sit in bed all day” as I am currently sitting in bed 👏🏻

  14. michaelfink64

    "Accessory dwelling unit"? Sounds like a name NASA invented. In Australia, we would call this a granny flat. This seems like a great way to build. I love the simple lines, tall windows and finishes. Very cool.

  15. Johannes Dixon

    Good professional video and the house is impressive technology. The downside of pre-fabricated houses is that all costumers houses will look the same so it is not so personal.

  16. Barbs H444

    How the heck is our economy going to keep going with this type of technology? Any millennials ever think about that??🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. You make good valid points! Lol. But you dork see the BIG picture! This sign a good thing.

  17. ivan flores- Ramirez

    For an average American $115,000 is too much I could take that money and buy a materials and build something better for half that price around 2,000 square feet they're called barn-dominium s they're great platform to live in I like the idea of the design but seems to me that is for people that have a great deal of money to spend it seems very impractical for the average American

  18. Johnny Kubelka

    Monica Great Video!!!
    You should do a video with Natalie Oman. She is a real estate investor and realtor who has an ADU. She would probably even go through the process of adding one to her Ventura beach house. That would be a cool video https://youtu.be/6SYwxBjFbUI

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