TOP 10 TRAVEL VLOGGERS IN INDIA | JULY 2020 | ft. @Nomadic Indian @Mithilesh Backpacker and more..

This is the Top 10 Travel Vloggers Of India in the month of July 2020. I will be compiling a monthly list of Top 10 Travel Vlogger during the 1st week of each month.

This list is based on the views accumulated so far. I would love you to share a formula to calculate the raking better if you feel we are making any mistake.

Next month on the rank will be based on the views accumulated the previous month.


Intro: 00:00
10: 00:36
09: 01:45
08: 02:54
07: 03:47
06: 04:50
05: 05:59
04: 07:00
03: 08:00
02: 08:47
01: 09:52
Outro: 11:08

Youtubers Featured :

@Ankit Bhatia @Traveling Desi @Travel Junkie @Tanya Khanijow @MOUNTAIN TREKKER @visa2explore @Mithilesh Backpacker @Nomadic Indian @yatri doctor @Indian Backpacker

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25 Replies to “TOP 10 TRAVEL VLOGGERS IN INDIA | JULY 2020 | ft. @Nomadic Indian @Mithilesh Backpacker and more..”

  1. Nirazz Malla

    nomad shubham is the youngest one brw n why he is not in ur list? Btw mine best are mountain trekker and nomad indian.

  2. Desire Knowledge

    I think you should list the Nomadic shubham in the top 2…..its not the matter of subscriber… He is very original and he covered that places of cold areas which we indians think only in our dreams…

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