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  1. Tess Christine

    Hi!! I see all of your comments! Thank you for being so caring and thoughtful 🥺 I am a bit sad. We have gone through it this year and not seeing my family or going to my best friends wedding really hit me this week. I know a lot of people are having a tough time and I’m with you. I’m currently editing the Catskills video and it’s clear I needed some time out of the city with my NY family. I feel so much better. Thank you for caring, I love you and I hope you are all ok too. Ily.

  2. jessicasofistica

    Reallyyyyyy hoping that this cardigan is going to be in the fall collection of backyard roses! 🤔🥰

  3. hannamarin

    Such a calming vlog. Wish I could give you and everyone who can't see family because of the pandemic a huge hug. Exicted to see the Catskill vlog ♥

  4. SW G

    Hope the trip to Catskills cheered you up! I’m a European subscriber so I am not completely aware of how the US testing is working/in what capacity it is possibly to actually get tested, BUT are you able to just get tested? depending on the test results, let’s say it’s negative then couldn’t you actually go and visit your families? all these restrictions are made so we do not spread the virus – and if you do not have it – ofc take precautions nonetheless masks, sanitize etc -traveling to see friends and family should not be a problem? I know testing probably is hella expensive(?) in the US – and pardon for maybe coming of as ignorantly privileged, but I am so fortune to live in a country where there is universal healthcare and the whole testing situation is so convenient and frictionless

  5. Marina K

    You did the photo shoot all on your own?! That’s crazy, it looked so good! I thought you’d had a director and makeup crew and everything. Carry indeed did a great job with the set up 👏👏👏

  6. Anaiese

    I really wanna see how u like the revlon hair tool and rare beauty, both things I’ve been interested in buying myself

  7. linndyz

    Sending so much love to you Tess. It has been such a rough year and I hope that you can see your family very soon. I am so happy to know you spent some time with your best friends! I love this video lots, it really feels like we are just hanging out with you! Also still so excited about the clothing line <3

  8. Lisa Hooks

    Why dont you get tested and if its ok travel to see your family? I dont know how it is in America but in Europe thats okay.

  9. Gina

    I absolutely love the revlon dryer! I have really long hair and it just works so great and doesn’t pull my hair! I wish it was easier to hold because it can hurt my hand after holding it for a while.

  10. theuga98

    guys I think we should all stop shopping constantly from amazon, it's the most unethical and unecological thing to do. More in general this consumerism that make us think we are always in need of something new and material is literally killing us planet. American more than others should reflect seriously on the

    consequences of their actions in terms of shopping, trying to make specific choices is our duty. We need to get informed and start acting, we can't be so cruel and egoistic .
    Tess you're so sweet and I've always watched your videos, and this thoughts are adressed to everybody and lot of youtubers but all theese content, this showing new stuff all the time that isn't really eco-friendly (especially all fashion items–> fast fashion is the worst, so damaging) it's kinda dangerous. it's not your job obviously but you could really contribute to the sensitize the people.

  11. Megan Boucher

    Stay strong Tess! I know how you feel I was supposed to go to college in Chicago but they shut down the dorms and we couldnt get an apartment:/ it really sucks but it has to end sometime

  12. Juliana Monteiro

    You were one of the first people I ever watched on YouTube when I was 14 years old and I just love everything about you. I'm so glad you had you are happy. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your life after all your success. much love from PORTUGAL

  13. Kelly D

    Hang in there! <3 Loved this vlog! Also….the first thought that came to my mind when you said you were watching One Tree Hill is….group Halloween Costume for you and your friends! I can see it now! That, or the LadySpeedsticks should rock the Saturday Night Live "Mom Jeans" outfits as a group costume!

  14. Andrea Kersey

    Awe Tess, I could feel all your mixed emotions so clearly! I'm sorry this week was a tough one for you, that is just beyond sad and upsetting to not be able to see your best friend get married and see your family this year. So glad you were able to get some quality time in with your NY fam, it looked so refreshing and happy! We're all going through it in such different ways but all have mixed emotions and ups and downs. We love you Tess, so excited for the fall drop 🙂 xx

  15. Neluma Rahman

    Omg, at the moment you were talking about lunch and I’m just sitting in my car and I’m like I’m hungry.. should I get by Chloe and you said you got by Chloe lol. I’m gonna take it as a sign ! 😁

  16. Sapir Gavrieli

    ok dying over all of your jewels! Been wanting to have a golden set for a while
    where are they from??

  17. JW424

    Please go see your family. It’s a 99.62% survival rate and not as bad as the flu per the CDC. We didn’t do this during H1N1 and we shouldn’t now.

  18. Giezelle Galang

    There’s no point in having a drying rack. I usually wash by hand and soap and use the dish washer as a drying rack, it’s better and it doesn’t take up space

  19. Katarzyna Grzejda

    This year hit us all really hard. The pandemic is separating friends and families and it breaks my heart 😢 I hope and pray every day for this nightmare to end. Stay strong everybody ❤️

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