So I dyed my hair purple! And surprisingly, I really like it and have learned a lot from it. check out my vlogs:

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Around Halloween this idea popped into my head to dye my hair purple for a night to go with my halloween costume! You know, just some temporary hair spray that is purple. But then, the idea of purple hair grew on my to the point of a temporary dye. Then it grew on me so much I just flat out wanted to dye my hair purple! I texted my hairstylist Chelsi, and she fit me for a 5 hour session of dying my hair. First we started with touching up the dark roots. Then, she balayaged (kind of like ombre) my old highlights, to lighten them up for the purple to go over. So not very much bleach was used to attain the purple, my hair doesn’t feel damaged. Then, she put on the purple! It’s been so much fun trying out something new, and not just fitting into the same typical “look” I always go for.

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22 Replies to “DYING MY HAIR PURPLE”

  1. Tasmin Henson

    I love your channels, your videos are great and have a lot of effort in them, I love your personality but urghhhhhhh drives me crazy when people think damn hair dye is the end of the world, it's not a big deal, like seriously, it's a damn colour. I don't get it with haircuts either like ??? It GROWS!

  2. Ale Sanchez

    I used to want ombrè blue hair but it slowly changed into purple and now I can't decide which one I want to do!!! Also, you look AMAZING!!!!!

  3. Karen Sanchez

    It looks really nice. Planning to have my hair dyed, too. But maybe a darker shade. I like your shade though. Haha.

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