HOW TO TRAVEL MYANMAR – A Backpacking Documentary – Episode 4: MANDALAY to HSIPAW


Come with us as we travel through Myanmar (aka Burma) visiting Hpa An, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Hsipaw.

In this episode, we travel from Mandalay to Hsipaw by train. Hsipaw is a small town in the Northen part of the country in Shan state. It’s surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature so we finish our trip strong with an epic three-day trek through the jungle.

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36 Replies to “HOW TO TRAVEL MYANMAR – A Backpacking Documentary – Episode 4: MANDALAY to HSIPAW”

  1. S_Austin

    wait, this was the most elaborated travel vlog ive seen so far, huge thanks guys. it surely will help a lot of enthusiasts like me. love loads

  2. Sam Tun

    Love it. Liked all movies, and subscribed both channels. you guys are really awesome and great to know more about Myanmar

  3. Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

    Great Collab there guys!!! Felt like a documentary that you would watch on the BBC – but better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep em coming👍

  4. Andrew Farmkid

    You know what other things America did better than the British Empire? Teaching their subjects English.

  5. ChanMyae KoKo

    hi guys, first of all, I thank you both for this episode and really glad that you guys had an amazing time in Myanmar. Hpan-An town is really beautiful and it seemed that you guys loved it too. So, here's a little local knowledge for you guys Hpa = frog, An = regurgitate. It is believe that at the time of Buddha, there was a huge frog that swallowed a snake. the snakes or the na-gars are responsible for the rain. However, because the frog had swallowed the snake, it wouldn't bring the rain. So, eventually the frog was asked by Buddha to let go ( regurgitate ) and the frog did so. Thus, the place was name Hpa-An Town literally means town of frog regurgitate, after the event.

  6. Bobby Jett

    i think this was a really nice meld of Paddy and Steve. I think you guys worked very well together, and i think Steve actually chilled Paddy out a little. Overall, i think you guys should invite Steve to do the Budgeteers, or at least do more vlogs together

  7. Eils C

    Did the train not rock back and forth for the most of the journey for you guys? I did it early 2016 and the rocking was awful but the experience as a whole was wonderful!!

  8. Alanquarter Thane

    I was very impressive on this videos and also very very thanks to you for raising our country 's image.

  9. Zabiulla Thotad

    Dear Steve Yelo and Paddy, I was reading a book elephant company by Vicki Croke where she has penned experiences of Great Hero by Billy Williams during World War 1. He served in Burma, which made me to explore about Burma. I am from India. Thanks a lot for all your effort for making this video.

  10. kate fletcher

    Loved all four videos….I have an interview to work there to and now really hoping I get the job!!!

  11. Lily Pan

    Hey Steve. I would like to ask how did you guys arrange the private tour for trekking ? If you remember. ❤️☺️ Thanks a million.

  12. manao wansa

    I am ch Khampei from interior part of Myanmar but I spent my life in India n still living in Delhi. Watching you guys in my own country where I have never been is really amazing I watch the video as if I was traveling along with you guys . Thank you guys for taking me for a trip . You guys are simply AMAZING. Thumbs up for both of you.

  13. Hasan Murad

    Aung sun su is shameless women in the world. Myanmar army and Aung sun su have killed innocent people.

  14. Pete Gerard

    0:30 your map incorrectly locates Mandalay at Meiktila. Mandalay is about another 158km further north on the Banks of the Irrawaddy shown on your map. The travel time and distance to note from Yangon however is correct.

  15. Felix

    The reason why it is called death railway is because it was built by force labourers and many people did indeed die while building this railway.

  16. Julian Wilkerson

    Awesome video! I can't wait to visit Myanmar. I wish I had a traveling buddy like you, Steve. You look like you always make the best of everything. Loving this channel man, keep it up.

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