The Art Of Scouting: How To Find Stunning Locations For Your Photo And Video Shoots

The Art Of Scouting: How To Find Stunning Locations For Your Photo And Video Shoots

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I often get asked how on Earth I find such amazing locations for my photoshoots and for my videos. In this episode of Sorelle TV (I dunno…Sorelle TV isn’t a thing until now), I will reveal how I find locations for shoots.

I disclose my thought process in choosing locations that will light up your Instagram feed. I share with you an Instagram tactic that will help you find amazing popular locations in an area AND I’ll disclose a little secret that will allow you to access beautiful hotel rooms for FREE to be able to stand out from the rest and get those bangin’ shots your mum will want to share with her friend.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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50 Replies to “The Art Of Scouting: How To Find Stunning Locations For Your Photo And Video Shoots”

  1. Zdenka Darula

    awesome video… GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!… I've been always shy around people so I strictly try to find "being alone" type of locations but you are right.. no excuses, just look around!!!

  2. mrHoody10

    I live in a small village and I find that taking props to the field beside my house is really handy to get a variety of photos (like a Pennyboard or a picnic blanket), Thanks so much for this amazing video, it's super helpful!!!

  3. Lex and Josh

    We seriously love how creative your work is and we cannot believe you do these all yourself!!!! We’ve tried to take our own advanced selfie as a couple but we got very stressed out doing so. How do you manage to get so many amazing photos without getting upset when it doesn’t turn out right? We love your content and we will definitely try some sort of interesting location together soon 🙂 thanks for all your tips!!

  4. she makes Noise

    I am in love with your videos and I just discovered you some minutes ago! I don't have friends so I am so happy that you gave me such great ideas however I want to know which app you use to get those vintage looking fine white lines? I'm going to practice phone photography btw

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