Switzerland Travel Vlog!

The best day of my life | September 2016, Zurich Switzerland
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Erik Conover Video Blog 461: The best days are the most unexpected. Spontaneous trip to the Alps, my last day in Switzerland .


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44 Replies to “Switzerland Travel Vlog!”


    ooh and by the way, we will miss your daily vlogging,we are really concerned about this because we mainly lived and love your channel due to the fact that you live in my hometown NYC. Hope you and Jess are doing ok and for sure a Q&A will be great!

  2. Quoconut

    what is your profession that allows you to travel etc as i really love media and would love a job similar to yours? , a big inspiration of mine , keep this up and godless

  3. Charlotte Wilson-Smith

    I just went to Swizterland last month, there are literally no words to describe how beautiful it is! The pictures you take no matter how good your camera is do not do it justice at all you really need to go see it for yourself it's incredible!!!!!!!
    The drive from Paris to Switzerland we done was just breath taking!

  4. Lydia Varcoe-Wolfson

    Can everyone just stop attacking Erik and Jess? You have to realize that these videos are an extremely tiny fraction of Erik's life, but more importantly, any information whether positive or negative that he does not choose to share publicly has absolutely nothing to do with any of us and is 100% up to him. You can support someone and care about someone without knowing all the details of their life. Stop making assumptions and guessing the details of his personal life because we only know a tiny fraction of his story and it is not up to us to decide what is happening in his life or what his life should be like. I hope we can all learn to be a little more respectful and just love and support Erik for who he is as a person instead of our respect for him depending on whether or not we agree with or even know his decisions in life.

  5. Marija Lanc

    This video made my day. I was a bad one. Erik, I hope you'll see this comment. I just want you to know that you make people happy. You are amazing person. Stay the same. Hugs from Croatia.

  6. tata dgrouch

    awww im so happy for you! you are seeing the world one (or more) video(s) at a time 🙂 wanderlust 😉

  7. Kimberly Factularin

    I used to like your vlogs but recently I always see other girls with you in the vlog instead of Jess….Are you and cammie alone together?

  8. rebeca zamora

    I was in Switzerland last summer. It is an amazing country. It is so charming. You should visite the Geneva tho

  9. Meaghan Victoria

    i have never seen you SO happy…..this is the most beautiful state i've ever seen you in. it made me so happy erik

  10. Elaine Perez

    It's sad how most of the old subbies are leaving and is sad about the changes that Erik's doing. If you think delving into something new and uncertain hence making a progress is wrong for his career, then you're not a good supporter. If you stay doing the same thing all over, you don't grow. Change is the only thing inevitable in life, embrace it. Just believe in his skills, what he's creating. Love.

  11. Gabrielle Fullerton

    You have to see Mt.Pilatus in the snow when you go back in February, it is one of the most amazing and magical views I have probably ever seen in my life! It's so beautiful! ❤️

  12. Life on 98.

    Beautiful. Emotional and I could feel it. I barely kept the tears back. I love you and jess and I won't stop being one of your #1 fans. Good luck in your upcoming endeavors. 💕

  13. k_coldplayer

    This video is amazing. Erik, I've been a sub for a good while and I'm always inspired by your positivity. Keep following your dreams and enjoying life's beauty !

  14. Linda Maria

    i'm so happy you liked it! this is the mountain i went to almost every week when i was a child. I'll hope you come back to switzerland one day I really want to meet you

  15. Alexandra Rodriguez

    Hi Erik! I really loved this vlog. I just got back from Zurich a month ago after being there for two weeks and it was honestly the best two weeks of my life. Switzerland is so overwhelmingly beautiful, there is nothing like it. We also went hiking (my first hike) and I now have a love for mountains too 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your travels! Can't wait to see more

  16. Mary Helen

    I had missed this vlog, but have watched all the others up to date and commented on most. I used that word serindipity in one of my comments without knowing you used it here! Just a little funny thing! Gorgeous place and a beautiful day! So happy for you! Lots of love and safe travels!

  17. Silje Eskeland

    what an amazing view/place! I love nature, and I can see that this place, is absolutly beautiful 🙂

  18. Rosie Poulsen

    Erik and Jessica was because of politics. Eric is liberal and Jessica is conservative. Couples cannot survive something like that nowadays. 🙁

  19. Mario Marquee

    This really is the purest video I have ever seen on YouTube. It strangely reminds me of that free feeling after watching the movie Into The Wild. Absolutely inspiring. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  20. Zoelina

    As a swiss person, I always find it fascinating how amazed tourists are by our country but it also makes me realise how lucky I am to live here.

  21. Cat Webb

    @Cammie Scott I can't believe so many of your own fans haven't seen this amazing vlog of Eriks. They have missed out, I love it. Watched back in Oct, watched again now and this time remembered to comment. Good job Erik.

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