Downtown Shenzhen with Lucy

I’m back! A bit of a different style video today, exploring the metropolitan Convention Center area – featuring Poppy and introducing Lucy.
Also, moving into our new apartment here in China – finally!


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song – “Punch” by DJ Quads

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25 Replies to “Downtown Shenzhen with Lucy”

  1. Travellight

    Hey guys, I am blanking on what a good title for this video would be. If you suggest a better title that I end up using, I will put your username in the video description. If you want. Thanks!

  2. leofc8888

    SZ is a lovely city. I born and grew up with the city. Really proud of the development of the city from nothing to this level in just 30 years time. Miss there and will go back one day.

  3. Jason Song

    i am from shenzhen too, i am eu now, lucy is not beautiful chinese girl, you should have some beautiful chinese girls&boys for your shows

  4. Marc Lonte

    Hi Guy's I love your video's. I have been sailing around the world for eight years on my vessel the SV Aoteroa 1, that suggests that it  is  a KIWI vessel but I bought it in Amsterdam on a boat show. I on the other hand I am a Kiwi, but lived in Holland for about 25 years. After my wife died in a car crash I sailed away and never looked back. I've been to amazing places and met some lovely people. At the moment I am on Pemba island near Zanzibar,  waiting for good winds to sail to the Maldives and do some amazing diving there. I hope I run into you guys as crew and take  to some amazing places  in the Indian Ocean.Take care and who knows.Greetings from me

  5. dianeee

    Hi Jordan!  May I  have a permission to reprint your video to Chinese "youtube"——BiliBili?   I wanna share your videos to more Chinese friends (I will make a Chinese subtitle for your video if u agree:))Of course,  I will link this original address on description. 🙂

  6. Mustafa Baris

    Been watching your videos for a while now and I love them .. But .. just wondering a bit if your boyfriend also works in China ? I mean , if he can't keep an elevator , how is he gonna keep you around ? ? 😂😂😂

  7. Dovee Oceux

    When I first traveled to China in 2007 to teach English for a year, one of my favorite actives quickly became taking a walk after dinner with friends and exploring the narrow lanes of the subtropical city we lived in.
    With a couple of lamb or chicken skewers in hand, we were set to explore the city for the night. On our nightly walk to the river that ran through the city, we observed the people around us selling clothes from carts along the streets and students playing ping pong in a park.
    Everyone was outside doing something (or nothing) and you felt like you were a part of it. One of the best things about China is that you can walk out of your door and everything and everyone is right there waiting for you.
    As China continues to grow, more and more foreigners are choosing to travel, live, work, or do business in China. No matter what your reason for exploring this vibrant country, the below tips on how to get by during your first days will help give you the confidence to buy your ticket and go have fun in China.
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  8. Toni Macaroni

    this had amazing production omg :0 my family owns a factory and office building there so i grew up visiting often and loved the city dearly. there's a local dumpling shop my father adores, because though the food is mediocre, their chili sauce is AMAZING. great city, has a dear place in my heart along with hong kong.

  9. Nina Fouche

    Hey! I'm moving to Shenzhen in the new year and your videos are so helpful. Beautiful apartment! In which district are you now staying and how much is your rent per month (if you don't mind me asking)?

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  14. john farnworth

    Where are the rooftops gardens on your video which shopping mall please.was in shenzhen last year coming back in 2019.did not go into the convention centre as queues were too big as it was china national day saw the light show near there.

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