NYC Apartment Tours | What $2,950 Gets You In West Village, Manhattan (1 bedroom)

Buzzed In: A Look Into NYC Apartments Ep 2 | Coming to you from the West Village in Manhattan in this cute 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom that my good friend Peter calls home! Peter was kind enough to show us around and talk a bit about the West Village so make sure to watch all the way to the end to learn more!

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Intro 0:00
Apartment Tour: 2:24
Tips for Decorating A Small Space: 7:54
What it’s like living in the West Village: 10:00

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20 Replies to “NYC Apartment Tours | What $2,950 Gets You In West Village, Manhattan (1 bedroom)”

  1. Zoe Lemos Music

    this is great! I'd love to see a video or get some advice on some of the more affordable neighborhoods for those of us about to move to the city just starting out in the music biz.

  2. YoJmo

    Nice series and production! If I may add, be sure to add a fade in effect to the audio when you make your jump cuts. This will take out the audio "blips" when the cut begins. It'll bring the quality of your work higher.

  3. Libby Ral

    I can't get over the kitchens in these NYC apartment tours. Wall o' Appliances is a more accurate description

  4. monkibussiness79

    This is like a dream to me Elena, because i’ve always wanted to know how people in NY live…how are their apartments like and specially the cost of living…thank you, I love your videos, greetings from Paraguay

  5. It's Marky ATX - Austin, Texas Vlogger

    ✨ Thank you SO much for sharing the story about the Stonewall Riots! 🏳️‍🌈

  6. Rhyan Ellen

    this is so helpful omg. even though i’m only 13 i’ve been saving money to go to college in new york. this i helping me learn more about it and my potential living space!

  7. Tin Bernas

    Find and contact vloggers/influencers through PHLANX's directory, they are categorized based on niche & location

  8. Loor

    Please work on your steady shot, Elena. Motion sickness is not the nicest side effect while watching an apartment tour.

  9. Ameleeia Vlogs

    SUPER cute. really enjoyed watching and i'm a sucker for apartment tours in nyc hahaha. thank u for sharing T__T 💖💖

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