THIS is How Egypt Feels.

In this vlog, I try to describe just how it felt to be in Egypt, as the epic events of my last days in Siwa unfold. This is what I came up with. Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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NOTE – For those interested in history, I wanted to note that saying that the Egyptian god Amun was later known as the Greek god Zeus is an oversimplification. As is to be expected when two powerful and distinct empires meet and begin to combine culture and religion, there is much more to the story.
The name is frequently spelled “Ammon” when researching the Oracle, and this was because the Greeks changed the god’s name to be spelled this way, as coincidentally the Ancient Greek word for sand, ἄμαθος (ámathos) was very close.
I studied Egyptology and Classical Greek, so visiting the Oracle – a merging between the two cultures – was very special to me. 🙂


Siwa Oasis, Egypt واحة سيوة
Sahara Desert – Great Sand Sea, Siwa بحر الرمال الأعظم
Temple of the Oracle معبد آمون أو معبد الوحي * التنبؤات
Old Town, Siwa المدينه القديمه ” شالي
The Fortress of Shali قلعة شالي

**Thanks to معلومات عن! for letting me know what the Arabic was for these places!**


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26 Replies to “THIS is How Egypt Feels.”

  1. Travellight

    Thank you guys for all of your positive comments!
    Two questions that I saw asked often…

    1. What was the god's reply to Alexander's question?
    The conversation was secret, and Alexander did not reveal what was said… however, he did reportedly leave the temple very happy about what "Amun" told him.
    Contemporaries who were close to Alexander later said that he had been told not only that he was the son of the god, but would also conquer the world.
    Alexander said often that he planned to tell only his mother, Olympias, about the conversation. But unfortunately, he never saw her again, so she never got to hear the story.

    2. Where are all the women? Didn't I meet any women?
    I did not meet any local women in Siwa, but I did meet many Egyptian women in other cities. In Siwa, the women are extremely conservative. They are rarely seen in public – I saw a Siwan woman only twice in my week of being there! If they do go out in public, they do not go alone. They are accompanied by usually their husbands or sons, or occasionally by a group of other women. This doesn't leave many opportunities to introduce myself. They also wear black veils covering their entire face, including their eyes. So I suppose, technically, I have never actually "seen" a Siwan woman, just just the clothing of two Siwan women. I was told that if I had spent more time in town, I would most likely have been invited to tea with the Siwan local women – however, they are very closed off, and do not speak English, so getting access to their circle is not easy. If I return to Siwa, this would probably be one of the main reasons! As I said in the video, there is so much in Egypt left to discover.

  2. r otaviano

    I've been to Egypt once (just for a few days) and I'm going back now in December. I've seen some of your videos but this one is my favourite. You're such an awesome person … sorry, got a litle emotional and just felt like writing this. 🙂 Anyways, can't wait for your next adventures. Cheers.

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