nyc diaries | apartment hunting, celebrating my birthday

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23 Replies to “nyc diaries | apartment hunting, celebrating my birthday”

  1. Chris Liefting

    You are kind and generous and are reminding me (a fellow "just-turned-24-er") that I am too. Thank you <3

  2. Michaela Clynes

    Pretty gross the way she, someone who isn’t even from ny, left nyc when covid first started peaking, came back to socialize and not social distance, and now that covid is once again peaking she continued to not social distance. Also giving apartment tours of her very wealthy friends places is so tone deaf especially right now.

  3. Whisperings

    Elena I normally don’t comment much but I feel like at this point I can’t help it. The time of COVID has been hard on everyone, but it’s even harder to watch you out with multiple groups of friends in every video. As a viewer we are supporting you financially though your sponsored content and video views. I would much rather watch at home safe creative videos during COVID. Visiting friends can wait while our country continues to lose more and more people everyday. Enough of the city content- it’s not refreshing it is becoming stressful to watch.

  4. Tiffany

    I’ve always been a fan of Elena and her lifestyle and content. But it’s has be so increasingly difficult to watch her Instagram stories and vlogs as she runs around NYC as if there is no pandemic at all. And she clearly doesn’t care what we think and she will obviously do what she wants. It’s disrespectful, selfish, and tone deaf. She’s gonna get covid and it’ll be a slap in the face. Might as well let her figure it out on her own Sorry elena wake the f*ck up and get the hell out of your privileged bubble

  5. Jordan Ackerman

    I’m so happy to see you actually living your life. I’m pretty sure all the people critiquing you for seeing friends and enjoying food out and about aren’t being as serious in their precautions either. At some point people can return to their actual normal lives and if you are still worried about COVID you can continue to take all the precautions you want but you don’t need to force anyone else to.

  6. Jordan Ackerman

    People, if you’re worried about getting COVID you can stay home and take precautions but you don’t have to force that fear onto other people. All these people could have taken tests before they hung out, you have no idea and frankly it’s not your business. The world isn’t going to stay in quarantine forever that’s what herd immunity is for. Also you’re way more likely to die in a car wreck than from COVID yet cars were never banned…

  7. bibi with love

    I like your vibe and just came from a vegan channel that I couldn't take so landed here and my favourite drink is chai so…

  8. Alicia Foss Dillard

    forget all the covid related comments lol what about a 4 bedroom apartment with ONE BATHROOM ooooooooof gotta love new york

  9. alexis lin

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your content, but i know people that haven’t been out of their houses since March. i wear a mask everyday, take every precaution to keep myself and others safe. please try and get your lockdown together! x

  10. AneciaA

    Y’all are some haters. Sorry to tell you, but the majority of Americans are living their lives like normal, but now with masks. Maybe you haven’t noticed because you’ve been in your house idk

  11. Maya Subramanian

    Ugh I normally love Elena’s videos/editing style/aesthetic but at this point, like many others have said, it is very disappointing to see her constant socializing and venturing around New York. NYC content is great at this time but can be done alone and outdoors, not at restaurants/museums/bars and other places that are hot spots. She still acts very socially conscious and talks about marginalized communities and what we can do to help without realizing that staying at home is one of the biggest ways right now to help 🙁 Major cognitive dissonance.

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