Getting a tattoo in Mexico + Tattoo Tour | (travel vlog 11)

I’m getting a tattoo in Mexico. Two actually! Plus I’m showing you a tattoo tour 😍

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In this Oaxaca vlog I’ll be getting a tattoo in Mexico. I have a bunch of tattoos so I’ll also be giving you a tattoo tour 🙂

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49 Replies to “Getting a tattoo in Mexico + Tattoo Tour | (travel vlog 11)”

  1. Beauty Educator

    Yes, I have an ankle tattoo and it hurt like hell. Nope won’t be marking up my beautiful body anymore. After the pandemic is canned I’m gonna have it removed. I’m told that tattoo removal is painful. My hubby doesn’t have 1 tattoo and I love that about him because his body is art all by itself. Different strokes for different folks. 😊

  2. Cristal Martinez

    Your new tattoo looks beautiful!!! Yesterday I was thinking about wanting a tattoo! 😱 NOW I WANT ONE EVEN MORE 😂

  3. Ruth Celestin

    I never even noticed really any of these😂 other than the 2 on your shoulders but they’re cute love the meanings behind them too

  4. Inspire Strength

    I bought your Ayurveda E book today I was already doing this but I was not having the desired result that I wanted to see. Your book clarified so much . Thank you keep thriving xoxo

  5. Rompiendo Cadenas

    Sorry about my comment but I don't like tattoos on me but I'm respect to everyone p. Take care of yourself and happy new 2021??.

  6. Jasmine Tígre

    I like the meaning behind you tattoos. AND when other people see them, it will also speak to them and encourage them in whatever stage of life they're in🖤

    I love tattoos, but sadly I can't get them. So I do henna hahahah

  7. mari the creative

    I love all your tats, especially the ones on your legs!! I only have one tiny half-moon, but I definitely want more!!

  8. Stephanie Greene

    loved this video! i actually got my first tattoo ever at Vanitas Tattoo in Oaxaca. Highly recommend if you're ever looking for an artist again in the future

  9. CMarie Lee

    Hey, either you are living under the word of Yahweh or not; there is no half way. Christianity is the way to be to live under grace. I am a daughter of our Father Yahweh. What is inside of you is your living soul and that soul connects you to our Father in Heaven. You are a spirit being who lives in a body (what people see is your outer shell/your body) and you have a soul and feelings. Minister Claudia Marie.

  10. :)

    I love the meaning behind your tattoos Energii! I remember you used to have "and still I rise" as your intro to your videos. I really resonated with the lion/elephant ones and the meaning behind them. Thanks for this video! You're so inspirational. 🙌🏿👍🏿❤️

  11. One of a Kind

    Hi. I really love how you explain the meaning of your tattoos😊 Sorry about your dog, but you are a strong young woman. Love your energy🤗 Thanks for sharing & see you next video💖

  12. Sonya Parker

    I have no idea how a ran across your videos,But Your Aura is everything, You are out here setting an example for young ladies, You are so sweet and Respectful and I will Send prayers up to God,Universe,Ancestors And Spirit Guides. Stay safe and make your videos longer I am sure there’s other ppl that really enjoy looking at your videos! Sending Love Light And Peace to you Sister Queen Lunch is on me are Dinner.. Send Information please.

  13. Sandra Crockett

    One of my favorite quotes I read in a novel: “Whatever happens, love that!” I’m thinking your biography would be a fantastic read. I know you are still young, but you have gone through more than most of us! And, yes, living your best life! Peace, young Sis.

  14. All About Food First

    1 John 2:23 may God Bless you and keep you in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏🏾 you remind me so much of my granddaughter who is doing the same thing your doing lol bless You 💕

  15. 30deblanc

    I don’t know what it was but I had a feeling that you were in foster care before you said it. Maybe cause I was really taking in what you said. That’s interesting. Glad the system didn’t keep you and that you did rise. Hope you understand. Not everyone gets or has the opportunities that you have. Enjoy your life girl!

  16. Taylor Lee

    Once you tap into Source energy you can create your own heaven on earth. Which is living in the vibration of unconditional love. And it seems you’ve accomplished just that 💙

  17. A p

    I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I love your videos. You are so wise for your age. I look forward to your videos. I'll be 60 this year and I admire you so much for living without fear, and may the spirit of the ancestors continue to guide you and protect you.

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