Mt. Ulap 2019 (Travel Vlog)

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Truly, one of the best mountain to climb in the Cordilleras is Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail. Mt. Ulap is a beautiful and scenic landscape that represents much of what the Cordillera is. This video was filmed last February 2019. I just want to share my experience during my first ever hike at Benguet. I hope that this video will bring you encouragement in the midst of this pandemic. I believe Covid could be stopped soon and we could travel again. God bless!


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  1. flavorsoflife FOL27

    Hi! New subscriber here sending my support to your growing channel. Thank you for sharing your videos with us. Hope you visit my humble home as well. Let's grow together. Thank you and more power.

  2. Unsettled Journey

    Sweet! What was yoru favorite part going there? We love to travel and invite you to join our adventure!

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