nyc diaries | chatty, cozy snow days, future dreams

Thanks to Everlane for partnering with me on this! I actually filmed this right before Christmas so flash back to a few weeks ago and I hope you enjoy a chill, chatty vlog with me 🙂
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33 Replies to “nyc diaries | chatty, cozy snow days, future dreams”

  1. elise

    damn i know your feels in nyc these days and loneliness… miss the days of hitting up friends for drinks or park picnic.. i went to MOMA today with a friend would recommend!!

  2. naarah rose

    Your videos are always so beautifully filmed!! They're making me miss winter…and I don't even like the cold!!

  3. Sophia Castano

    When you said you were scared of getting stuck in the system. I misunderstood you and thought you said “going to school, getting married, getting stock” and I was like they didn’t teach me that step 😂

    It did make me think though, I feel like society tells boys that they should prioritize finances and makes women feel intimidated by it which is why I’ve always loved your finance videos.

  4. Shannon Ciricillo

    we had very similar experiences! moved to Paris when I was 22 to be an au pair, moved to NYC for a year, then back to Paris to do freelance work & back to NYC again – my social life has been a bit messy for years, but I love how you said you learned to rely on yourself 🙂

  5. Maddie Cassidy

    one of my goals is to read more too! in 2020 i met my reading goal for the first time (20 books) and this year i'm trying to bump it up to 24 💌

  6. Monica Naida

    There is an alliance française in New York, I'm not sure if they have classes in person right now but it would be a good option if you're looking for more intensive teaching methods. I will say that nothing compares to learning French in France though. Tu vas t'en sortir car t'as la motivation pour le faire. Il vaut absolument le coup d'apprendre une deuxième langue, et la langue française est un super choix. C'est une langue enrichissante avec beaucoup d'aspects qui n'existent pas dans la langue anglaise. Recherche les mots verlan si tu ne connais pas déjà, c'est vraiment cool 😉 bon courage Elena, bisous !

  7. Sarah Cooper

    Thoughts on making a video on safety living in a big city as a female? I am from a small town and feel like it is very unsafe to move to a big city like NYC or Chicago even though I crave the constant "going" of a big city. My biggest concern is walking around after dark. I can currently drive from point A to point B, but I know a lot of people don't even own cars in big cities because the traffic is so insane

  8. Amanda O

    Used to like Elena but it's really disappointing to me that she's been deleting comments from people asking her to address her travel to LA at the peak of the pandemic 🙁 Don't address them if you don't want but censoring perfectly civil comments leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  9. Marie

    if you want to practice your French we could totally talk together! 🙂 I'm French and just arrived in NYS and don't have that much to do until the start of classes (I'm a French instructor & student)

  10. David Noé

    Your videos have such a nostalgic feel to them, they always leave me with a smile. I‘ve been following your channel since your solo trips to Switzerland (my homecountry). Your personality and courage not to always take the easiest path in life has inspired me ever since. Thanks for that 🙂

  11. Emily T

    I feel like you addressing the comments about traveling to CA and hanging with multiple groups of people would make everyone stop asking about it…. Why do these comments keep disappearing instead of you just making a statement about it?

  12. allyson leigh

    Any tips for making new friends when you start your life over fresh in a new place? I’m graduating college in the next year and that’s one of the things that scare me the most!

  13. valérie vienne

    if you need a french teacher, would love to help you :D! greets from coldwintery vienna
    p. s is the same mouse living with you as jenny's @wearilive one??:D

  14. Olivia Cusimano

    I had a mouse in my apartment! We used sticky pads and then took it outside and poured cooking oil on it to dissolve the sticky so the mouse could live and be released

  15. Just J

    hey! i'm a new subscriber 🙂 i'm moving to law school in nyc next fall. i studied abroad in amsterdam for a semester last year but that was the first and only time i've been away from my family and friends. how did u meet people in nyc??

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