36 Hours in Las Vegas (During the Pandemic) Travel Vlog | What To Do, See and Eat

Exploring the entire Las Vegas Strip in 36 hours can be a daunting task, but that’s exactly what we did on our most recent trip! We walked 16+ miles exploring the amazing casinos, devoured 2 In-N-Out Animal Style Double-Doubles (and fries), watched the most beautiful sunset from 1,000+ feet above the Las Vegas Strip, & waited WAY too long for the City Bus! Let us know your favorite things to do in Vegas, and be sure to check it our “Las Vegas Itinerary – 36 Hours In “Sin City”” blog!

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36 Hours in Las Vegas | Travel Vlog 2020 | BNA – LAS |
Filmed Aug 2020 #TravelingDuringCoVid


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30 Replies to “36 Hours in Las Vegas (During the Pandemic) Travel Vlog | What To Do, See and Eat”

  1. dean street dreams entertainment

    where's the link to the itinerary me and my wife is going to Vegas this weekend would love to grab some ideas great vid

  2. joseph ball

    Awesome video! My girlfriend and I are heading down there for NYE any suggestions for some later nightlife activities during COVID?

  3. Margarita M

    So nice vlog! Enjoyed it very much…hope someday make it to Vegas.. kisses from Greece ❤️❤️❤️

  4. The Adventure Buddies

    Hi! We are The Adventure Buddies ✨ Your recent videos really resonated with us and we love your work! Check out our channel and feel welcomed to enjoy our adventures with us! Subscribe for more 😊

  5. Dion Boose

    Loved this! I’m glad I watched to the end. I just added “free hundred ” to the lexicon 🙌🏾😆

  6. Wendy Blas

    My husband and I will be traveling to Vegas the ending of January the 22nd if you have a list of things to do that I can copy down would be great. Loved your video

  7. Ray Ray

    I loved this vlog guys! Made me want to go back to Vegas and Nashville (my fav place in the US) so bad. Hoping the boarders open this year so we can have a vegas or nash wedding (I'm from New Zealand). Can't wait for more of your adventures… I have a good feeling your channel is going to take off. 💜 P.S. your accents are epic 😂

  8. Kelsey Sugar

    Loooooved Everything About This, My Boyfriend & I Are Planning A Small Trip To Vegas Next Month And You Gave Me So Many Ideas On What To Do & Where To Go 🙂 Thanks

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