MOVING VLOG | moving into my *dream nyc apartment*

I’m so excited to finally be moving into my new NYC apartment! It has definitely been a journey and I’m pinching myself that I get to live here :’)
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Lost, Without u by slush puppy

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25 Replies to “MOVING VLOG | moving into my *dream nyc apartment*”

  1. EmmaPearl

    Congrats, you deserve it!!! So inspirational and I hope to make it to where you are some day 🤘🏻🖤

  2. Kun Woo

    Its so nostalgic to rewatch when you first moved into this apartment! I feel like sometimes we get so comfortable where we are and we form so many beautiful memories there with our roommates its hard to leave! But Im so excited for your new place! Can't wait for the new APT TOUR!

  3. Steven Khoshaba

    These influencers idolize their homes. I don't get it. We get it, you worked hard, but they glamorize their lives probably more than necessary.

  4. J H

    Your happiness in this video after your first night was so contagious and really picked me up 💗 I love the growth and all the years of watching your videos

  5. ღ shenzai izunako ღ

    i dont need to worry about my future i need to worry about now. thats why im moving to this ciy with others
    in years tho 5 or under

  6. shamayita kanungo

    Am gonna move to a new place tomorrow and am super excited! Could really relate to u here.. and u totally deserve it Elena😀 ❤️!

  7. mandixoloveyourself

    So happy for you, just subbed, really enjoy your videos! I love NYC and finally get to go back at the end of the May for a visit. I will definitely live out my dream and move there one day!

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