SMALL SPACE TOUR – 434 ft² Apartment with Loft Bedroom & Fantastic Interior Design

Small space living isn’t limited to tiny houses! There are loads of small apartments like this 14’x31′ loft in Victoria, BC – it’s central, it’s legal, and you don’t have to worry about where to park it! We loved taking a peek at the beautiful interior design that makes this small home feel like pure luxury. A huge reason why this space works so well is that the sleeping loft is on top of the kitchen and bathroom, essentially re-using the same square footage and leaving the main floor open for a bigger living area.

You can check out this loft apartment in Victoria, BC here:

And find out more about Robyn’s Host Happy services in Victoria, BC here:

There are some disadvantages to a space like this: not all apartments have high ceilings and a built-in loft. Not everyone can manage a ladder. And the cost of living downtown might be higher than living in a more rural area with a car.

There isn’t one perfect way to live, and we just like exploring the different options! If tiny houses aren’t an option in a certain area, small urban spaces like apartments and micro condos can be a practical and easy option to live in a small space without the challenges of buying and finding a place to park a tiny house.

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45 Replies to “SMALL SPACE TOUR – 434 ft² Apartment with Loft Bedroom & Fantastic Interior Design”

  1. Michael Woodley

    The adorable ruth postsynaptically reduce because doll unpredictably remain athwart a daily lead. sticky, slow spike

  2. Layna Pimentel

    What a lovely apartment. If I ever make it that far, definitely will have to check it out. Thank you!

  3. 2salon 2salon

    Представляю, как я в 70 лет лезу в спальню по этой лестнице. несчастные люди!

  4. Matthew Reis

    Mismatched appliances is a huge pet peeve of mine (1:53). All white, all stainless (silver) or all black is the way to go; not one of each. Overall, though, I do like the apartment's layout and the bohemian vibe is cozy.


    This apartment was super cute and the presentation was fabulous. Quite a pleasant viewing experience. Great job all around.

  6. Amy Hainsworth

    For a channel that focuses on tiny spaces it was weird to hear the host say several negative things about this apartment. The hallway isn’t wasted space for one thing. It would be ideal for bikes or for taking off and drying wet items (especially in BC!). I have lives in truly tiny apartments in Hong Kong for years and that kitchen is positively massive! There is a dishwasher for crying out loud! And there is no way that loft ladder is less safe then the ones in the tiny homes on trailers or in a boat. I really like that it continues for a few feet past the floor loft as well. This is an amazing space speaking from someone that has lived in very tiny homes for over 12 years! Saving this loft for my next trip to BC (whenever that will be…)!

  7. Eigile Ceplauskaite

    for me this is the most beautiful apartment l ever saw , im inloved with this space and colors

  8. Mike Wong

    I mean… I wouldn’t call it home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely space. It’s very beautifully decorated. And I get it, she’s mentioned this was intended to be an Airbnb at the end of the video. But she keeps selling this video as if someone is living in here long term, which I think is misleading. I definitely was really hooked to the aesthetics until I got to the end of the video when I realize there’s no actual closet space and no storage furniture. So I really wouldn’t imagine anyone who would use this space to set up a home office by the entrance.

  9. Luce With Love

    For any non-american, this is a regular sized apartment. The kitchen and bathroom are actually really large for European standard 😃

  10. issecret1

    Even without the loft, you could comfortably fit a bed there. I wouldn't be able to climb those stairs every day, but it does look wonderful

  11. Jessica Lifford

    You guys do SUCH a great job of putting together beautiful videos that are straight and to the point. One of my favorite YT channels for sure. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Out of The Hat

    I'm glad you mentioned that lofts with stairs aren't safe or accessible for every person. Love this little apartment and featuring more urban design ideas!

  13. LadyNimuey

    it´s pretty stylish an all, but where do people living there put their stuff? there is one small closet, this can´t be enough…

  14. Katharina Dubach

    It‘s an amazing space, but the electric fireplace just doesn’t it for me. Way too artificial! I‘d rather have a little bookshelf there. Or the real thing, if possible.

  15. Maki

    Beautiful, but the ladder looks so dangerous. Imagine navigating it in the dark if you have to use the bathroom at night! It would have been nice if they had built staircase instead.

  16. Barbara Quaye

    This is well designed and beautifully furnished space! It feels like a nicely sized apartment with the foresight of designers. Thanks for sharing.

  17. bfuncken

    It looks gorgeous and I like the styling. But only 2 small closets for your vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning supplies, clothes, outside coats, luggage-briefcases etc. is WAY too little.

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