29 lessons in 29 years | Sorelle Amore

29 lessons in 29 years

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My birthday is coming up on Jan 14! An ultimate gift for me would be for you to get better at your craft so you can live your life to the max! That way we can adventure together and live our best lives! So check out Skillshare my lovelies. Never stop learning!

I hope you enjoy this video. Not one to do sit down videos very often, but you guys always seem to love them. A bit of my simple wisdom I’ve picked up over the years. Maybe you’ll agree on some points, maybe you won’t!

Either way…enjoy!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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25 Replies to “29 lessons in 29 years | Sorelle Amore”

  1. Alicja Liliana

    Point 7. Not only concerns aging. How much I have listened to such texts about marriages: "After the wedding you will have zero freedom, the fun and self-realization will end, you will stuck at home!" bullshit. I never traveled so much in my life and self-realizating like in a marriage. It all depends on our attitude towards life, the changes taking place in it and the decision we make. If we consider that if we turn over 30 / gat marriage / having a child, as the end of the world, it will be so. Love from Poland 🙂

  2. Exotic Expression Dance Fitness

    What a great idea. I just turned 39 in September and I could certainly give 39 (possibly thousand) tips from what I've gone through. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and time.

  3. abigail rae

    You said to unollow and I checked how many you follow on Instagram, 256. Guess how many I follow, 256.

  4. Vesko Sol

    1. Follow your gut 0:20
    2. Do you 0:27
    3. Unfollow 0:40
    4. Health 0:57
    5. Don't fool yourself 1:13
    6. Take it easy 1:27
    7. Ageing is optional 1:49
    8. Study Wealth Building 2:20
    9. The world is a safe and beautiful place 2:50
    10. Never give up! 3:15
    11. Travel 3:39
    12. Family vs You 3:42
    13. Goals 3:56
    14. Be a life long student 4:16
    15. Goats of Anarchy 5:26
    16. Waste free living 5:30
    17. Challanges & Failures 5:32
    18. Minimalism 5:44
    19. Be nice 6:06
    20. Teenage years are hard 6:25
    21. No age restrictions 6:33
    22. Self-Worth 6:48
    23. Bullies 7:14
    24. Sorry 7:22
    25. Do and then ask 7:28
    26. Fire people out of ypur life 7:37
    27. Gossiping 7:52
    28. Fake it till you make it 8:02
    29. HAVE FUN! 8:18

    Thanks for sharing this lessons Sorelle & Happy Birthday!❤️🎊❤️ 🎉❤️

  5. ellebangs

    my birthday is on the Jan 14th, I think yours too?? I knew I liked you and from the very first video of yours I watched!! You're videos are incredible, I'm so addicted!

  6. kristyna tlusta

    sometimes…I just play your videos when I work. I don't watch, I just listen to your voice. So positive, full of energy, very motivating and with great accent!

  7. Fedor T

    Number 9: things like war are very real in many places on the Earth. For sure world is a beautiful place, but unfortunately that beauty is not spread evenly. Not that it should be spread evenly, but it is what it is. Just being real here. 100% agree on everything else, maybe even 200%)

  8. James-Paul Jacob

    Really love your work! We're all trying to make it and you're one of my inspirations! Let's keep getting old haha

  9. Isabelle K

    HAhAHAHAH, "Just because your body is getting oLdER does not mean anything" You are like a big sister to me Sorelle, so grateful to have stumbled upon your channel ages ago.

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