The Story Of Paralympian Oksana Masters #LoveOverBias

Thank you to P&G, a partner of Team USA, for this partnership and giving me the opportunity to meet Oksana Masters. She’s a 3 time Paralympian in 3 different sports, now on her way to the 4th consecutive Paralympic Games. But she couldn’t have done it without the help of her Mom to teach her that she can do anything, and to always choose #LoveOverBias

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25 Replies to “The Story Of Paralympian Oksana Masters #LoveOverBias”

  1. Anna

    This is beautiful. What an incredible story she has! You do a great job of projecting inspirational stories and opportunities 🙂

  2. Julia Robertson

    I think one of the reasons this doesn't have as many views is because you are not in the thumbnail and people don't realize this is your video.

  3. Kristin Witcher

    I'm so glad you mentioned this in your vlog channel. I currently have been trying to share content that takes longer to create and has more substance than the alternative. People don't seem as quick to watch it but I really enjoy making it.I don't know why some aren't ready for it yet but thank you for creating this anyways. Continue sharing stories Monica. You're doing a lovely job already.

  4. Денис Громов

    Россия с тобой) Ты невероятно сильный человек во всех смыслах, вдохновляешь)

  5. wolf galaxy

    A true champion heart soul blood sweat and tears and …more … kudos to her what a beautiful person …

  6. Hannah Barham

    Monica, you should interview Olympic divers and gymnasts! It would be so cool to combine your history of the sport with their experiences.

  7. m3erw

    I feel like you needed to work on the small parts of this and it would have felt a lot more polished. For example, in the interview, you're all holding coffee cups and it stops you all from gesticulating and moving your hands to explain the story. It also distracts the audience.

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