Woman Gains Extra Freedom After Downsizing to a Legal Tiny House in the City + FULL TOUR

Adelina has been living in her tiny house in Canada for 2 years and says it has only positively impacted her life. She downsized from a 1,200 square foot townhome into a 37′ long tiny house built by Teacup Tiny Homes on a gooseneck trailer. Her three main requirements for the house included having a bedroom she could stand up in, a permanent home office space, and a big kitchen so she could cook for her friends and family.

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Adelina was able to find a legal place to park her tiny house at a mobile home park because she worked with a CSA-certified builder and had the trailer registered as a park model. Without planning and researching in advance to make sure these things were in place, she would not have been able to find a legal spot to park. The rules are different in each municipality so it’s important to ask around before you start building/buying your tiny house!

Tiny House Talk has a great list of communities that accept tiny houses here:

Serendipity is 37′ long and 9.5′ wide and has a functional layout and beautiful interior design. The living room is at one end of the house next to the entrance and has a vaulted ceiling, an electric fireplace, and a coat closet. The kitchen is u-shaped with loads of counter and storage space. In the hallway, there’s a permanent home office space and a massive pantry for food storage. The bathroom has a combo washer-dryer and an RV-sized bathtub. And up a set of storage steps is the bedroom on the gooseneck of the trailer. It has big windows, a storage bed, and a big clothes closet. There’s also a loft above the kitchen that could be converted into a guest room, and the space beneath the gooseneck is closed in to create a shed for things like a lawnmower and bicycles.

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25 Replies to “Woman Gains Extra Freedom After Downsizing to a Legal Tiny House in the City + FULL TOUR”

  1. Zee

    I had two female co-workers in their 60s that hit it off so well, they bought a house together. Every detail on paper of course. I'm not suggesting that, but you may at some point be surprised by a friendship positive and secure enough you could park on their land without charge. And contribute in some way to the land.

  2. AllyKatt44

    Absolutely vibing with your story Adelina and love love love your home. Thank you Exploring Alternatives for sharing Adelina's story.

  3. marie dubois

    I have seen so many tiny homes and the one drawback for me was always the crouch-down loft bedroom. I love your "stand-up-in" bedroom! Also the kitchen is perfect. I also love to cook! Your house is beautiful and so well designed for life in a cold climate.

  4. Skrirrex

    there's something about tiny homes that gives off that simple lifestyle vibes, no wasted space, each section has it's own function and thoughtfully considered by the builder and owner

  5. Karen A

    This is so beautiful and cozy. I love every detail that you have obviously taken time to consider. All the best from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  6. Jess Rouse

    Nothing more discusting then a cat litter box in any home . Ugh I couldn't even imagine . 😫 Beautiful tiny home though! I love how she still like to bake and sends stuff home with her kids. 💓 love that

  7. Rhonda H.

    Her home is beautiful. I love the kitchen and the color she chose for the lower cabinets. I love her bedroom, I'm a fan of main level bedrooms or bedrooms that are on top of the gooseneck. It was a very smart idea for her to use the space under the gooseneck as a shed/storage area. The only thing I would do different is maybe have a sliding or barn door for the bedroom for privacy, but since it's just her, I get it. Also, a lot of tiny home videos I've watched have mentioned the legalities of being able to park their home. Hopefully with this movement growing, tiny house owners will find it easier to find places to put their homes. IF you can have a regular mobile home on a piece ofproperty, then I don't see the problem with having a tiny home, which is just a smaller version.

  8. Janeen McKenzie

    I think this is certainly one of the best tiny house designs I have seen, I just love you can stand up & move around the master bed on both sides. 👌

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