I Can’t Believe This is Egypt!

The bluest water I have ever seen, motorcycle rides, an abandoned village, hot springs, a lake sunset, a confused palm tree… what an awesome day!
Siwa is quickly becoming my absolute favorite place in Egypt.

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Siwa Oasis, Egypt واحة سيوة
salt mines & pools of Siwa مناجم و حمامات الملح فى سيوة
Cleopatra Hot Springs ينابيع كليوباترا الساخنة
Tanta Waa Cafe at Cleopatra Springs قهوة طنطا وا فى ينابيع كليوباترا

**does anyone know the name of the abandoned village? In both English and Arabic? If so, please let me know, thank you!**


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Crystal Skies


Quinn XCII

chill song – LAKEY INSPIRED – Me 2 (Feat. Julian Avila) (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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intro song – “Dark Side” by Rival
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2nd intro song – “Sardana” by Kevin MacLeod
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motorcycle song – “Let Me See You” by NAIMA
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40 Replies to “I Can’t Believe This is Egypt!”

  1. Kamel Man

    I'm Jordanian (Arab) and I visited Egypt for One Week and was Trip of hell … but if I knew ALI back then . I am sure would be Fun ..ALI I have to tell u are a Good Man …

  2. Adam Małopolski

    Fine video, charming places, it is hard to depict such landscapes for itself in Egypt. I thank you for portraying these unusual nooks for us. I am greeting from Poland, you have my lajk.

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