Baby’s First Road Trip! | Safety & Overpacking + MICHELIN Wiper Blades Install

Thank you to MICHELIN Wiper Blades for sponsoring this video. What we learned packing for our first travels with a baby!

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23 Replies to “Baby’s First Road Trip! | Safety & Overpacking + MICHELIN Wiper Blades Install”

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Very proud of you, been watching you for like 10 years or so with your warcraft videos. Crazy that you have a kid now. Have your happy ending. Keep up the good work.

  2. physics repairman

    Nadine have you thought of studded tyres for the ice roads? Great and material efficient for a Canadian winter, good to see you are baby prepared,I'm sure the random vomit was an expression of gratitude!🤗❤️🇬🇧 much love to you both

  3. javier montoya

    My wife drove in the backseat for the first 6 months for each of our kids. It makes it easier. You don't want to keep pulling over every time they're crying.

  4. vclamp

    Beam style single piece wiper blades work much better in heavy rain than the old fashioned ones.
    Two of everything is always good since the little ones will always fulfill their task of making sure that one of everything is in the wash & dry phase.😁
    I am glad that you got the chance to visit friends and family.🤗

  5. derekcolman

    I was expecting the van, but I can see where the car is more practical for that long trip in snowy weather. We don't have enough snow in England most years to warrant snow tyres, but when we do get caught out, we become a country of dented cars. Not mine of course because we had a lot of snow just when I got my first car, so I went out on the deserted roads and trained myself to handle skids and get the car back under control. I don't think you over packed. If you had got stranded you would have been glad you packed all that stuff.

  6. Sara_Kuzmenka

    he's such a cutie! my parents used to drive me around in the car all the time as a baby and now if i'm in the car for more than an hour I fall asleep (when i'm not driving haha)

  7. Scottman895 Travel

    I'm glad to hear that your first road trip with a baby went very well overall! The trip allows you to realize the successes and the mistakes made so that you can plan an even better trip next time!

  8. cindyreddeer

    A couple more trips and you will have the packing down pat. Glad you didn't get caught in all the flooding that happened in BC. I was shocked at the amount of damage that happened to the road in BC.

  9. Jigna Odedra

    Nadine and Matt, I'm very sorry about the snowstorm situation. I hope everyone and everything is OK in BC.

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