These are the top 10 places to see in Paris.
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If you are a first time visitor in Paris, you will be blown away by the magic of this city. From the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph, and even the underground Catacombs, this city is an amazing one to explore.

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Sept, 2017

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34 Replies to “TOP 10 PARIS (THE CITY OF LOVE)”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    In case you wanted to take it a step further and see what it would be like to live in Paris:

    Let's get lost again in the next one!

  2. Christopher Dolloff

    Pont neuf does not mean "Bridge Nine." It means "New Bridge." And those illegal locks are ruining its structure. 🙁

  3. acoz

    Interesting take. I've lived in Paris for a few years. The places you mentioned are usual tourist fare, though I understand you were there for just 6 days. Would have enjoyed it better if you dug a bit into the history of the places (a line on trivia wouldn't hurt) — why it's called Pont Neuf (no, it's not bridge 9), why Montmartre (not Mont Marte) retains old school architecture and is extremely significant, how Versailles' opulence & symbolism contributed to the revolution, and yes, beer did exist back then (Germany had beer before distilled water). I say this because the main artery of the beauty of Paris is in its historical quarters. Take that away and you're in another urban city albeit of a different culture.

  4. President Z Dogg

    The catacombs were the worst site we went to in Paris, waited for 3 hours. A complete waste of time, go see MANY other cool places in Paris. Don't bother with the Catacombs.

  5. Vam G

    i realized this is where you both split ways. i don't want to go to Paris specially if i'm with my GF because after doing that love lock thing.. you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  6. Grant the Dragon

    If anyone here is wondering why his shots of the Eiffel tower at night are so blurry, it's because taking pictures or footage of the Eiffel tower at night is illegal. France has a special copyright law that places copyrights on buildings that have been less than 70 years old. Because the lights on the Eiffel tower are relatively new, it's protected under this copyright law so no one can film it for commercial use.

  7. M Johnson

    I would add in Musee d'Orsay.  The 16th Arrandisement is the chic section and a great place to walk around.  The steps across the Seine from the Eiffle Tower is Trocadero.  The Financial District with all of the skyscrapers is La Defense.  Taking the Metro around Paris is very easy.  You can use your credit card at the vending kiosk which is multilingual to buy the metro tickets.  Lavelois Parret on the west side over by La Defense is also a great place to walk around.  Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, hands down.  Been there, done that and one day will do it again without a thought.  Thanks for the video!!!!

  8. Frida Pangrib

    Thanks for your information. I have a plan go to Paris on February 2019. Any body there on that time?

  9. Alexandre Pitre

    Usually if you're born with an entire french name in a country that was colonized by France and England, it's pretty safe to assume you have french heritage…no dna test required. I understand french isn't your mother tongue but dude that was some epic butchering. You could make some efforts by learning the words prior, I mean coming from a Canadian that's disappointing.

  10. G AL

    "Mona Lisa was probably the least impressive thing there" – what a dumb f* :)) probably just assessing paintings based on their size

  11. Len

    Super Video, ich war gerade auch erst in Paris und habe mir welche der Sehenswürdigkeiten angesehen will. Habe dazu auch ein Video gemacht und mich würde es freuen wenn jemand vorbei schaut 🙂

  12. Sylly

    The building and maintenance actually saved France at the time, not bankrupt it. The many wars were much more costly to the finances of France. King Louis XIV needed to proclaim his superiority and at the same time reign in the trouble making Nobility. He achieved that with Versailles. 😎

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