How I Afford to Travel the World!

How do I afford to travel full-time, and how did I get to the point where my life is a never-ending trip around the world?
In this video, I tell you how I personally found a way to fund my travels, save money, and work remotely – all at the same time!

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As I say in the video…

– I am NOT saying that this is for everyone. Please be cautious and rational with your finances – and do your research before jumping into anything!
– No, this is NOT an easy, get-rich-quick scheme!
– Also, if you guys would like more videos / info / tips about this sort of thing, just let me know, and I’ll film some more videos for you. 🙂
– Feel free to ask me any questions!

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, registered investment advisor, or broker dealer. I am not a member of any association in any jurisdiction. I am not legally qualified to give financial advice – this video simply shows you my own personal strategies. Viewers are completely responsible for their own investments and financial decisions. The content creator is not liable in any way for any decisions that the viewer may make based off of this video.

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49 Replies to “How I Afford to Travel the World!”

  1. Travellight

    I hadn't checked the comments on this video in awhile, and was disappointed by the extreme negativity here.
    To all of you that seem to need proof that I trade, here you go.
    As you can see, I had a 16.17% gain in 2016 on my positions.

    I say many times in the video that no one knows highs and lows.
    This video is not meant to teach anyone about the stock market, or be a tutorial. That is why my explanations are extremely basic. I understand that they do not fully convey the nuances of the stock market. "Buy low, sell high," sounds exaggeratedly simplistic, but that is what I was going for.
    This wasn't a video to share a secret strategy. This wasn't a video to educate.
    It was an answer to an often-asked question, that being – "How do you afford to travel?"
    This was the answer – and that's all the purpose that there was to making this video.

    I am highly disappointed to see countless videos being uploaded by men that are, frankly, lies and attempts to swindle viewers into handing over money. Buy their book and you'll be successful on the stock market. Buy their tutorials and you'll get rich. Some of them even go so far as to use lines such as "Let's make these people millionaires," or "You will not fail with my strategy, 100% guaranteed."
    They are met with applause and little skepticism. Even those that are not convinced into handing over money to them still comment with appreciation and respect.
    There are far fewer women on Wall Street than men – and this is not due to men being any more predisposed to success on the stock market than women. It is due to a pervading inequality that colors impressions before a woman even enters a board meeting, or says a word on CNBC. Already, viewers are forming their first impression of her with unconscious (or, in varying degrees, perhaps quite conscious) thoughts along the lines of "SHE trades? Let's see what she says before I'll believe that…" or "She's too young / pretty / blonde / girly to be on the stock market."
    In actuality, the stock market is made up of – to strip it down to its essence – numbers. Numbers in green, or red. These numbers do not come accompanied by white men in suits and cigars and scotch. They are not ushered in by a Harvard graduate as an uneducated man looks on. They are not concerned with age, or how blonde a woman's hair is, or where someone went to college, or sharp suits or Manhattan penthouses.
    They are numbers and numbers only. They have absolutely no correlation to gender, social class, education, age, or appearance.

  2. Pat Downs

    Ah … I can see from the link you are using triple leveraged ETFs from Direxion. You made money … great! … then you cashed in. That was smart. Leveraged ETFs should not be held long term—and you didn't. VERY risky investment though, not recommended for novices at all. I would not even think of buying into Direxion. Just too risky for me. I mean you can lose all your investment very easily because any loses are magnified the same as gains are magnified.

  3. Sana Ula

    I really need to know more aboht stock market if you make video on that please , leave negative people , negative people will never support others … so make a detailed video on stock market

  4. Building Buildercip

    Can you elaborate on a bunch of money.
    For some people that is $100,000. For others it’s like
    $1,000,000.00 can you give us a better idea.
    Good going either way

  5. Lee Hardy

    I like watching your travels but this video and some of your content sounds dishonest or to be more polite not quite 100% true. Why couldn’t you say how much the “bunch” of money was ? Let’s be logical here – experience and savvy investors who have devoted a life time to the markets loose and has small steady gains certainly not enough to globe trot on a work save and invest lifestyle you claim. I still enjoy watching your content but please be honest and specific if you want to give advice – how much you saved, which industry you worked in or which stock gave you the jack pot to travel. Otherwise it only turns viewers off that they are watching and supporting a fibber that don’t tell the whole truth. Sorry just my opinion. Your trauma in India I totally believed in which you were harassed by hotel staff. Fully rings true and It’s some thing that western females take for granted that they live in a world of womens rights where a woman is always on top and a man has less rights. I’m thinking that experience in India set things straight on how the rest of the world works – a jungle where no one has rights and privileges just a chance to roll with the chaos.

    People won’t care how you funded your travels as long as it is believable and this yarn is not completely believable at all. If you had said it was thanks to family, a settlement you invested or even some sugar daddy that could have been more believable. Problem with the stock market is that so many try their hand at it and have very moderate success and that’s 90% of investors. Sorry girl try another line on how you fund the travels

  6. Mr. E

    Not. Convincing video bout stocks and never losing money. Even the most svvy investors lose money so your premise is false.

  7. Andyadventures #11

    your strategy is so wrong, can be dangerous buying stocks on sale….i'm so sure that right now, in these last 2 months you are loosing a lot of money…easy to say i don't loose money in the longest bull market period

  8. shc gzb

    Maybe it is too late. I am a stock trader/investor, I saw your statement. You are buying and selling in a bull market, that is why it is easy to make money. However, it is super tricky to know when the bull market is going to end. your strategy won’t work in a bear market, meaning you will loose money. Trust me, making money in stock market in short term is not easy at all. You can make money by buying and holding indexes. However, it is super slow and return is low averaging the bull and bear cycle.

  9. will

    I'm not trying to ne negative I use to work for tenet health care stock split at 72 dollars then it came out that we committed medicare fraud because we bought the stock through the company even when we tried to sell the transaction took 48 hrs and it closed at 3 dollars so it is like gambling.

  10. ossa60

    because it really is some sort of gambling….it's probably the least dignified way to make money. It's one of those activities which tells what is wrong with humanity and the world….but if it helps you travel well…just do it.

  11. Ayman Mady

    Sharing your experience with us is a very appreciated thing and as you have said in the video , what works for you may not work for everyone. Looking forward to see more videos about stock market and your experience. Thanks.

  12. NH FX

    That's a great idea sister. i am also a Forex trader. and i know This market is risky .. but not for them who know the economy and logic about that market.
    my dream also be a traveler.

  13. Stelios Kontos

    I'm sorry I'm not trying to be negative but I call bullshit, notice how many times she says "stock market" yet doesn't once reference what businesses she invested in or how she set up her portfolio. She couldn't give any details and did she say stock market like fifty times

  14. Visit The World

    Anyway its not so easy to work with stock market..
    Tell us how much money you earn from your YouTube channel?? Maybe personal question.. lol🙂

  15. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Jordan, I am interested in a good video on how to do the stock market.
    Also, I am interested in books I can read to learn about how to invest in the stock market.
    Thank you.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  16. mehr faria

    Outright lies..Something quite shady vibe in this particular video..Interesting to see how manipulative you can get

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