Living CHEAP – TINY 300 ft.² NYC Studio Apartment Tour

Get 20% off your first order with Gym+Coffee by going to Thanks to Gym+Coffee for sponsoring this video! In this weeks episode we are touring the viral TikTok micro NYC apartment. I also discuss WHY people rent these types of apartments in one of the most expensive cities in the world and how the rent on this specific apartment is technically living cheap in NYC.



0:00 – Micro Apartment Tour
4:49 – This episodes sponsor Gym + Coffee
5:45 – Is it worth living in a tiny apartment

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2021
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32 Replies to “Living CHEAP – TINY 300 ft.² NYC Studio Apartment Tour”

  1. Robin Susan

    It was so nice of you to mention Axel. As with anything now that he’s gone viral he’s been getting some really hateful comments for no reason. Luckily the positive comments outweigh the bad. 🥰

  2. Michael C

    Honestly, I like the small apartments myself. Bought my first place recently. A roomy 800 sq.ft. Double the sq.ft. I live in now. City life. 🤷 LoL

  3. J.H. Miretskay

    The space is small but is very usable and has a reasonably good layout. However, the price is absolutely preposterous. $2,300 for something that small is beyond obscene. And he is correct that it’s for people who want to move to NYC to “make their dreams come true” — i.e. idiots from the Midwest who are a greedy landlord’s prime customer base. Any reasonable New Yorker knows that you can find much more affordable — and much larger — spaces even in Manhattan if you know where to look. Or they will move to Jersey, which is a short commute away.

  4. Tiffany Slone

    You should really do a series of what you could rent in big towns for the same price as a NYC studio apartment and travel to a bunch of big cities! Xoxo

  5. Doug Life

    $2300, for $300sqft!? Where's the rest of it!? If you have that kind of money to rent an overpriced sneaker box, go sign a mortgage. I lost it when he tried to sell that kitchen crawl space as a guest bedroom, god help us.

  6. Natalee Huling QH's

    I would use the entire lower space as living room.. maybe do a pull out couch for if I had guests visiting from out if town and make the loft area into a cheeky bedroom space.

  7. Business Fit 247

    I think it is worth it. The going price is actually quite cheap for Manhattan. I actually work right on Saint Marks so I know lol

  8. Maja V

    Wow that place actually looks decent but obviously so expensive 😂😂 the only bad thing i would say it’s the sad couch across from entrance 😂 but kitchen and bathroom are big whooah

  9. Kat

    I love this apartment. I think having a big kitchen and bathroom really makes you feel like you have a much larger space. If you could do a Murphy bed with either modular desk or sectional you could really make a lot of the space.

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