TRAVELING TO THE PHILIPPINES in 2022! 🇵🇭 No more quarantine?

I’m back in the Philippines just in time for no more quarantine! However, I arrived before February 1 so still had to do a mandatory quarantine. They also just announced that Philippines is opening for foreign tourists starting February 10, 2022! Meaning, Martin and the rest of my foreigner friends can finally visit me! I hope you guys enjoyed this short vlog and i’m happy to be back home! #Avelovinit #Philippines #PhilippinesReopening

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My name is Avelovinit and I am a full-time travel vlogger! I have been a solo female traveller since 2012 and I decided to do travel vlogs in 2017 where I realized my love for travel vlogging 🙂

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40 Replies to “TRAVELING TO THE PHILIPPINES in 2022! 🇵🇭 No more quarantine?”

  1. Stella Maris Rogers Channel

    You are a well travelled person. Just sad to see you parting with your partner. New friend form Canada. See you and stay safe

  2. Buttermilkie 🥞

    Your vlog never fails to amaze me 😍 keep doing what you love, ate Ave!!! we are always here to support youu

  3. Alice Cruz

    That’s a good hotels you can cook wash ur clothes where’s that Ave ? What’s name of the hotels ty …

  4. Tru Binize

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 You FILL UP a gas tank, for example You FILL OUT a blank form You’re welcome, Ave Cheers from California

  5. R Di

    Good day, Do you mind sharing to us the hotel you are staying? And if you don’t mind how much a day. Appreciate your response. Welcome back to Philippines.

  6. Don Manluyao TV

    I'm amazed with your travel vlog content mam =) Napa subscribe ako sa Ganda ng mga content nyo po very natural more powers po, question Lang mam ano po gamit nyong vlogging cam for video recordings and other materials, God bless po mam.

  7. R Di

    I was hoping for a reply regarding what hotel and if you don’t mind how much? Anyways, you may want to keep information to yourself. Thank you .

  8. Wilhelmina Balintec

    I miss your vlog now Ave hoping to have one at the soonest you are my stress reliever you are my best filipina travel blogger I love your being so simple and so natural in some other ways hope to see Martin with you again Marve forever❤

  9. Angelina Angos

    Hello ave how are you? I haven't seen any new upload blogs since you have returned to the Philippines. Hope you're ok..

  10. MsLeo Heart

    After 6 years of not being able to visit Phil’s finally were gonna be able to visit this year for the 1st time. Love your vids po. Give me a glimpsed of how it’s like. Nakakaiyak 😭😭😭

  11. Alice Callao

    Hope you get married soon Ave…Martin is very lucky to have you..ur such a beautiful human being inside out

  12. Steve S

    I will be traveling to the Philippines in October from the US. Will I be required to do the 5 day quarantine?

  13. Mercedita Francisco

    Me too excited for any new vlog ( raw, cooking, hiking, touring etc) don't cut the excitement of viewers miss u soo much even short vlog👌🏝👧❤

  14. Lola Rose

    Hope you are doing well, Ave. This was such a bittersweet vlog yet informative. Stay safe, well and happy.

  15. TheTran's Vlog

    Hi Ave. what hotel did u checked -in? May i know how much it cost per night?That’s a very nice hotel:).

  16. redsyn

    Aside from the Skype notification sound, I loved your video!

    I'll be traveling to the Philippines from the US for the first time extremely soon. I'm nervous & excited at the same time. Thank you for sharing this experience as a Filipina. I know my experience will be different as a foreigner, but I'm thankful that E.O. 408 will eliminate the quarantine hotel for me.

    Be safe in your travels, & salamat!

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