Living in New York City: My REALISTIC Morning Routine! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video! Check out


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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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29 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: My REALISTIC Morning Routine”

  1. Erik Conover

    A realistic look at a morning routine video I made last month! Happy Sunday, the next video on the channel will be Episode 3 of Million Dollar Apartment Tour New York City!!

  2. Cleoeyda

    Really prefer this kind of vid rather then your current videos. I use to loved watching your videos because I love to see how normal people living in NYC. But lately your videos seems so perfect and flawless i feel like watching documentary. So i stop watching. Miss the old days when your videos are much simpler.

  3. Christal Leonce

    I'm thinking about moving to NY and I've been so scared and nervous! Your videos eases my anxiety a bit. Thank God lol.

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