My Mexico Vacation Travel VLOG | Rosie McClelland

My Mexico Vacation Travel VLOG!

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…Me, myself & I 👀

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Teenage singer, influencer and Kids Choice Award-winner, Rosie McClelland may be ready to ‘Throw It Away’, but is she ‘Ready For Love’? With a brand new single, out worldwide on October 1st. The British teen star’s previous projects include starring in her own Warner Brothers feature film ‘Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure’, while famously being a regular guest on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, within which she hosted red carpet interviews for The Grammy’s, MTV VMA and American Music Awards. Rosie has soared, from covering Nicki Minaj’s ‘Superbass’ to releasing her very own music – including now 6 singles under her belt, ‘Handstand’, ’LaLa’, ’Tik Tok’, ‘GIRLS’, ‘Throw It Away’ and ‘Ready For Love’! Rosie’s previous singles have earned over 20 million+ streams and views online.


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41 Replies to “My Mexico Vacation Travel VLOG | Rosie McClelland”

  1. Miss Unknown

    Hi Rosie I loved the dress you wore on nye and I would love to know where it is from so if anybody knows I would love to hear ❤️

  2. Jamie Lynn

    👩🏻‍🦱U surly had lots of fun with your friends in Mexico 🇲🇽,I do wish I could go to a getaway like that❗️

  3. Marissa Angelo 💜

    #RosieMcCelland Rosie You're such a kind and amazing big sister Romeo ❤ he’s so lucky to have a big sister like you. You're amazing enjoy your news year's eve vacation with ur family

  4. Amira :/

    Literally again with no mask on the plane. It’s a light mask and it is not really going to affect your asthma that bad it’s an excuse. As well as Lilly who does not have any right

  5. Caroline Mathieson

    Hi beautiful Rosie I hope you are safe and well. I hope you have a great time in Mexico. Rosie can please say hi to Lilly for me

  6. Patricia M Medina

    Your blocked video was so amazing and Cancun is very beautiful thank you for sharing your journey for your vacation or holiday

  7. Soph

    i remember when i went to mexico a couple years ago it was so fun! it looks like you had an amazing time 🙂

  8. lucy Gaming

    It’s so beautiful in Mexico and it looks like summer. Your lucky you get to swim and be in the sun cuz where I am it’s winter and I can’t go swimming.

  9. Joy.Weirdo

    Ik this is a weird question but do you know a girl called dede (or with that nickname) that goes to your school?

  10. Adrianna Scarlett

    omggg looks so nice hear giving me so many ideas of what im gonna do when i go on my holiday to greece in august

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