*Unique* Off-Grid Cabin with Green Roof & Stylish Interior – Full Tour

The Pickalotta is a unique and artistic off-grid cabin with solar power, a green roof, incinerator toilet, outdoor shower, well water, and propane heat. It’s a 2-storey structure that measures 15’x15′ and it’s perched on top of reclaimed telephone poles. Approx. 30% of the materials in the build are reclaimed, and the majority of the furniture, dishes, and other items are unique vintage finds.

You can follow The Pickalotta here:

And you can rent The Pickalotta here:

Joel and Stephanie have been living off-grid in their own self-built home for 14 years and they’ve created a beautiful and inspiring tiny home on their land to share the lifestyle with visitors! Right down to being able to raid their garden while you’re there 😉

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Mat & Danielle


Website: www.exploringalternatives.ca


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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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33 Replies to “*Unique* Off-Grid Cabin with Green Roof & Stylish Interior – Full Tour”

  1. Oakley-Raine Shepherd

    I absolutely love the drift wood lamp. Please post a link to where you purchased it. I have been looking for something similar for a long time and would love to support a small business.

  2. Urban Lady

    Love this! A collaborative, sustainable art project combined with seasoned off-gridder expertise results in a truly inviting experience for the curious!

  3. Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    The inside is pretty incredible, and it's cool that you can see the green roof from the bedroom.

  4. marcus poe

    sweet guys!!!! as an artist and woodsman i like it! and maybe more is that 2 attractive people can find each other and do this together, i`m a lil older and never found anyone with those interests and that didnt want to "change" me into what they wanted 🙂 , so seeing you 2 doing this is awesome, may it last forever guys.

  5. Craig Asher

    Beautiful job on the build! For many, acquiring a beautiful piece of land like that will always be cost prohibitive unfortunately. For me this is the “dirty little secret” about off grid living that people rarely speak about. I enjoyed the video nonetheless.

  6. yes i will help stop patriarchy

    Looks nice. And very natural. All the more disappointment to hear about the sprayfoam isolation. Also no toilet inside? How fun. And a tiled kitchen counter? Seriously? Cleaning will be a hell. Overall more bad than good.

  7. Marty Wilson

    The nightly price is very reasonable and the cleaning fee is shockingly low. 'Very generous. The love and attention to detail is quite obvious. 'Simply stunning. Thanks for posting!

  8. Linda Martin

    Unique alright!!👍🤗😳😊. Looks very livable and interesting. Nice outdoors as well. 👍👍

  9. Ramona Ray Aka Meng

    So he built it? But had help with the design. I'm 70. I'm building my own. With zero Money, zero tools other than two drills, a jig saw, and a lot of screws. The concrete work I hired out. Stimulus checks helped immensely, I do the tile, the walls, plumbing, so far electrical hasn't been done. I'm using cob for walls, thatch for roof, bamboo, palm trunks, and anything you want to donate! Including money. Which my ex tenant from time to time sends me. Unbelievable. She says she misses me and loves me! Amazing. I don't know a thing about solar. Hot water on demand doesn't work here.
    Yeah Poles! We burn the palm trees also. Cool place you have there.

  10. Christian Hamel

    I like the kitchen counter and the hamac,.. the counter looks like a acoustic guitar, nice house and great story,

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