GUATAPE is MORE than just a Day Trip – Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 4

Guatapé, Colombia: So far, one of my favorite places in Colombia. Most people just make a day trip from Medellín, but if you have time, it’s worth spending a few days here.

La Piedra del Peñon is the big rock that we visited first.

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42 Replies to “GUATAPE is MORE than just a Day Trip – Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 4”

  1. nenia120

    Don't go chasing waterfalls …. cause there might not be any waterfalls 😉 congrats on conquering zee backflippery! Did Sarah ever get her beer? hehe

  2. Aaron — Citizens of Everywhere

    Shredding ALL the rugs with that salsa dance! Drone shots on point as always, the view from the rock was a lot different than I anticipated, so dope! When she said 26k uphill, I thought "no chance" – glad you took it back rather than dying! How'd Josh & Jackson do getting back? Great job again!

  3. Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia

    Columbia is looking awesome more and more. Keep the videos comin', and we'll keep on watching.

  4. michelle marcial

    What I noticed about your vlog is the solidity of its content. Really admire of that. Pablo Escobar well, there’s a book about this that the president of Philippines loves to read😃😘😘😘

  5. Aaron Jarvis

    Loving the vlogs from Colombia my dude, really makes me want to explore the country in the future 🙂

  6. andres medina

    I hope Colombia's new president should tear that "mansion" down . there's no point in keeping that evil property

  7. Lewis King

    Great video as always steve. This might seem like a strange question. I know you have your camera backpack but when your out vlogging you never carry it around with you. Do you have a smaller bag for your equipment when your on the go? Inside your orange bag i mean.

  8. Lewis King

    One more question. What macbook do you use to edit with? And would you say its worth the steap price or is it possible to get a decent travel editing laptop for cheaper.

  9. Ivan Kerguelen

    Guatape is beautiful, thanks! However, not a fan of Pablo Escobar (he and his hitmen murdered around 10,000 innocent Colombians). BTW, congrats on the backflip!

  10. Hey! Let's Go Get Lost

    Whoaaa can't believe you're in Columbia! Jelly! <3__<3 Can't wait to one day do my South American trip, let's see if i'll still be hitchhiking 😀

  11. funbunontherun - Travel Videos

    I LOVE this video!! I’m so bummed we actually went to El Penol (loved it!) but only made a day trip of it. Nice back flip! My wife ended up in the ER that evening back in Medellin because she had severe food poisoning. Pretty scary, but we found some amazing Colombians who helped to translate.

    ✌🏼❤️✈️ – FunBunOnTheRun

  12. victor ardila

    Thank you everybody. Pablo Escobar was a nightmare for 48 000 000 colombians. He was killer. He was no a good human being. Gracias por no recordarnos a ese asesino

  13. One Way Today Travel

    Hey Steve, love your vids bro!! Inspired me to travel .. South America in December!!!!. Quick question. Which video editing program do u use?

  14. Gaby

    Saw Josh's picture on Instagram and I want to go to Guatape just to take one like that 😂😂😂 awesome picture!

  15. Ali Hadji

    Its allowed to use a drone in Colombia? I want to go there and I'm not sure if its ok to take my drone with me or not?

  16. Big Moose

    Steve how do you fly yr drone with out cell phone service? I’m in Colombia next week and plan to bring my mavic pro

  17. TheTravelingIntrovert

    More like bachata lessons lol. Good dancing skills though. This is making me excited for my travels to Colombia

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