Stopping Travel? House Plans? Superpowers? Answering Your Questions!

Grab a drink and come hang out as we answer all of your questions — are we stopping travel? Dogs? Marriage? House plans and more… 🎬 Learn how to make your videos incredible with our A-to-Z video editing course — ⬇ More Below ⬇

It’s time for another questions and answers. We’ve scoured our YouTube comments, read your DM’s and Instagram questions to pull them all together to sit down and have a yarn with you.

Hopefully you enjoy these Q&A videos every now and then, it feels like a nice way for us to chat a bit more directly with you about what we’re up to, what’s been going on behind the scenes, some funny stories and loads of laughs!

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50 Replies to “Stopping Travel? House Plans? Superpowers? Answering Your Questions!”

  1. Gwyneth Glas-Brown

    Lovley to see you both .🥰 Awww stacey your Face just light up with the joy 🙏 one day to have a Doggie of your own
    Soon 😜. Trip to Australia sounds absolutely Amazing 😻, also for your selfs just to be able to to travel internationally again
    Get away, after all the lockdowns its been tough enough .
    You both brought fantastic videos the last 2 years( i can fully imagine understanding it was not easy at all for you both ) its been absolutely a joy to wacht see your country New Zealand through your eyes .
    Fully Appreciate all your Hard work 🥰.
    Looking forward to to your house projects ,travel adventures take care 🥰🥰

  2. Debby

    LOL “it’s hell to support that team”. Well it is hell to support all Philly teams but originally from the area and die hard Philly cheerleader lol. Have to say though that is what alcohol is for ha ha 😉

  3. Deanna Arbon

    Tassie!! So many beautiful places to visit, great hiking, awesome food and lots of cute wildlife. Cradle Mountain in winter is just magical.

  4. Robert John

    Go to Tasmania… Kiwi that's been in the Northern Territory for 5 years. Go to Tasmania. HOWEVER, if you end up here I'd love to you guys for a trip! Late may to late July is the only time you'd want to come up here if you don't want to sweat balls.

  5. Amputee Adventures

    Great seeing you guys happy. 🙂 I look forward to the next chapter of the DANE and STACEY adventure book.

  6. Vincent Ng

    Please go for an extended Australia travel. Travel to every Australian town if possible. That is my dream an I really want to visit each and every Australian town, the things to do over there, the food, the culture, the people, and definately things to look out for when you are over there. Both of you can a my guinea pigs before I embark my journey in the coming years 😝

  7. Costa's World of Music Memories

    Love you Guys 💖💖 It was fun to hear your answers. I hope it was as fun for you too. As we take our next steps beyond the current tragic events in the world. I wish you guys a Prosperous, Healthy Year. Harriet and i are getting a puppy ( Havapoo) in a couple of weeks. It's a female. Harriet and I have another question for you. Do either of you have a name for her. We will throw
    your suggestions into a pool of other names chosen. Harriet and I will select from the most popular in the pool within the next 5 days from now. I know your finances are stretched to the
    max. Hopefully, when things get better. Harriet and I are optimists. We would like to invite you to Richmond, Va. near Washington, DC and do some touring with you. We want to extend our
    hospitality to you guys as you have to us in your videos. Be Well Guys! Sending you lots of love.💖💖 Jim and Harriet. Richmond, Va.

  8. Sue Roberts

    Hi guys, thanks for your wonderful videos, always entertaining, cute bunnies! All three options are good choices, Tasmania is spectacular all year round, we Aussies call it our little NZ and NZ as Tassie on steroids! Great Barrier Reef is another fantastic option and Darwin and surrounds eg Kakadu, Jim Jim Falls, Litchfield is best visited from May to October, it’s a great place to go in the winter if you’re after some warmth and spectacular tropical sunsets. Cradle Mountain and Tassie Devils would win me over…

  9. Rebecca Krupke

    Oh shoot I have a new question! Will you ever do a series of travel in the USA and/or Canada! I know probably the majority of your viewers are from those two places but…I’d love to see my country thru your eyes

  10. Torryn Marie

    I totally related to the flipping of the thongs guys, they singe the feet under our hot southern sun! (I bet I made you cringe just now Stacey hehe!) from your neighbour over in Perth, Australia x

  11. Team at Heaven Scent

    How good it be to see a video of you two arguing, its actually hard to believe it happens lol

  12. Ange Christensen

    Another great video. Are you guys on tiktok yet? 🙂 bye the way I can't picture you guys arguing as you are both seem so easy going.

  13. Sven Müller

    WONDERFUL Video Dan & Stayce 🤙🏻
    What do you think of a Live Chat in the Future !!? Through Auckland or posibbly in parks,beach or in everyday live.

  14. Hamilton Creek Photography

    Love this and 🖕🏼cardio 🤣 we recommend Darwin in the dry season…not the wet season. Kakadu is just so freaking mind blowing! Tasmania is amazing, too, so you can’t go wrong!!

  15. John de Ruiter

    (This is the John with the 10-years experience of video editing) I highly recommend the video course!! If you have a Mac book and have healthy dose of eagerness, this definitely is the course for you. I would do it again as it proofs you’ll never stop learning.

  16. Bucket List Travellers

    How have I been going my whole life without flipping the thongs?! All of those years of burnt feet could have been avoided! Life changing advice! 😄

  17. Shevel Gonzalez

    I enjoy your life and videos i feel closer to nz and all the world through your eyes and lenses, my mother British was raised in Auckland ,my grandparents immigrated from london to New Zealand ,my mum left nz to travel to Europe in the late 60s met my dad in london had my brother moved back to Auckland for a while had me in nz so am lucky to say kiwi born but raised most of my life in Canary Islands Atlantic Ocean belongs to Spain 🇮🇨 and yes I love New Zealand but last time 4 years ago I was there i noticed how expensive life was, my kiwi family live in titirangi and I miss them so much….anyway inflation is on the rise everywhere unfortunately.

  18. Dani Meagher

    Just found your channel and already love love love! As a Kiwi living in Perth, WA, it's really nice seeing beautiful videos of NZ! Looking forward to an 8 wk motorhome trip this Xmas with the kids, and will be trawling through your content for reco's. Thank-you for creating such watchable content. 🙂

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