Is Gujarat WORTH travel in India? Foreigner reaction | TRAVEL VLOG IV

Is Gujarat WORTH travel in India? Foreigner reaction | TRAVEL VLOG IV
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45 Replies to “Is Gujarat WORTH travel in India? Foreigner reaction | TRAVEL VLOG IV”

  1. Dj channel ⛷️

    OMG 😃 you look stunning 😍😙
    If you any chance to go or travel in pakistan 🇵🇰…
    You go or not 🇵🇰❤️❤️


    There was more of you throughout the series than Gujarat..more scenes were of you twirling rather than exploring places.
    I wonder what the content was ivanna or Gujarat.Really a disappointing series even though it was a sponsored one.


    Gujarat is rich in culture and history.The content should have been focussed a lot more on its culture,food,history etc but it was more of a fancy dress competition.
    Karl rock and visatoexplore have done a tremendous job in showing real gujarat that too without any sponsorship.


    There are so many good vloggers in India who would have done a brilliant job if they were sponsored.Those lazy uncles at the top of Gujarat tourism need to get their priorities right.

  5. Thakur Timmy

    Wahoo i love it my Child hood sweat memories r with Gujrat 1983 Jamnagar Air force station with my parénts gandinagar or dwarka ji shree krishana historical tempel alotes more ☺☺🤗🤗👌✌👍🙏🙏⛳⛳

  6. subham padhi

    I hope you will travel to Odisha once atleast, you will love it- it's own as india's best kept secret

  7. Honest Opinion

    Gujaratis – Father of Indian governance (Gandhiji, Patel, Morarji, Modi and etc.), Father of Indian business (Ambani, Premji, Adani, Birla, Tata and etc.), Father of Indian science and technology (Vikram Sarabhai, Homi Bhabha and etc.), 80% Bollywood, Greatest king Pruthviraj Chauhan, Famous for Asiatic Lions, festivals Navratri, Utraayan, foods Undhiyu, Khaman Dhokla, Fafda, tourist places Kutch White Dessert, Saputara Hills, Madvi Beach, Gir Forest… Wikipedia

  8. JK

    Wait wait wait.. maybe you misunderstood something! And it's funny lol.. Gujarat is actually called "The Dry State".. but not the way you think 😂 Because Gujarat is birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, in his honour and tribute the alcohol is prohibited and illegal unlike other states of India 😊🙏

  9. Chin Tuk

    @TRAVEL VLOG IV  …Ivana it was stunning to see you to be in my State Gujarat…it seems have a gala time…& It's really Amazing to show the Greatest Tourist Destination off Vibrant Gujarat… !!

    You are most welcome once more….. Gujarāta Māṁ Āpanuṁ Śvāgata Ćhē…as your next Bucket List
    1. Saurashtra Region – Gir Forest; Blackbuck National Park ; Dwarka; Somnath Mandir; GirnarHill; & Due.
    2. Central Gujarat – Vadodara Lukshmi Vilas Palace; Baroda Museum in Sayaji Park; M.S. University; PavaGhar; ChamanairFourt; Statu of Unity.
    3. South Gujarat- Surats Street Food; Diamond Manufacturing Company & Daman.

    Please ask Gujarat Tourism to organize a trip or ask me to take you around for your next Rendezvous…!!

  10. Ankita Talukdar

    Wow Ivana!!! I can't even tell u in words that how much I love watching your videos 💖… love from Assam ❤️… stay happy and healthy always 💕

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