RI to ATL to LONDON Travel Vlog!!! 🤍🤎 (lil bit of everything)

so this pretty much wraps up all my travels ! More travels soon to come !!☺️

Rhode Island I miss you ! I can’t wait to see everyone there and just be there again. Collab w/ nate coming soon hopefully! gotta get him in the NBA first so he can get yall content lol! 
ATL was lit ! Definitely miss my girls out there can’t wait to get them out to Cali and go crazy w them. Jayde is the cutest person ever so yeah can’t wait!!
London you were a heck of a flight but everything about you was worth it. Maybe next time I’ll go without all the Christmas vibes and see how beautiful you are naturally !!! As for the people I met in London we got a HUGE collab coming soon !!!!!!!!😈
Can’t wait for all that content and all those vibes ❤️❤️❤️ 

Looking to add more people to the collab roster sooooo make suggestions and let me know what people y’all want to see on my page ! I love making y’all happy so I’ll always take into account your suggestions !! 
Any overall suggestions drop them and let me know !!!

Love y’all have a great day do your homework !!!! MUAH
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29 Replies to “RI to ATL to LONDON Travel Vlog!!! 🤍🤎 (lil bit of everything)”

  1. MsKaylaBaaby

    Loved this video! I'm so glad you got to get out of LA and reset and have so much fun. Can't wait for your next world tour!

  2. Gina Mcc

    Whoa that's crazy! She put my favorite part of a particular scene in here. It's not him flexing.😏
    Thanks Taty😭😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Leah Averette

    I surprised y’all keep letting it slip by the mr everybody’s favorite was checking Taty out while she was coming up out the water!!! He was a lil shook we saw who he was actually looking at!! And London seems to be very much a vibe 🥰❤️😂

  4. Bethlehem Mekonnen

    The London collab had me checking tiktok everyday for new videos lol, that’s how much I loved the collab, so glad you had fun, definitely gonna travel to London in the future 🥰🥰

  5. mia wilson

    Love it you got to go so many places and with great people❤️ you e done more than I have in my 50 yrs of living. I’m from NY never even been to AC

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