7 Replies to “I’M LIVE! COME IN AND CHAT!”

  1. RD

    Hi STL….I caught the replay and know that you're strong but that was rough. Some people have no class….and unfortunately enjoy using a public forum to try to bring other people down. You handled it well, as always! Please know that your positivity and content is appreciated by so many more of us who look forward to your broadcasts. Thanks for bringing us on the journey.

  2. Cute Smile Gooner

    Sorry Steph I was unable to join your live YT broadcast. Really good video and keep up the great work. From your friend Toocool aka Alex ☺

  3. Derrick Hall

    Thanks for the shoutout on IG! Soon as you did that I had visitors come and had to go 🙁 one of these days we are soooo gonna chat! You can call me Freakintrips or Derrick Hall. Freakintrips is my online poker name so that’s why I use it every where! I prefer IG over periscope and YouTube by the way! That’s just me and my opinion! I hope you are having an amazing weekend! 💜👸🏻🙌🏻

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