Iceland for First-Timers Summer Edition (7 Things You Need To Know) | Sorelle Amore

Iceland for First-Timers Summer Edition – 7 Things You Need To Know

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It’s horrible when you get to a country and you think you’ve seen and everything you need to, only to discover that once you left, you missed out on some important locations and things to do.

So here is my summer checklist to ensure you get THE MOST out of your visit here.

Camping Rules:

Hope this video is helpful!

Please in the comments leave me any other questions you might have regarding travel or Iceland. I’ll be happy to make more videos on these topics to help you out 🙂

I hope you love Iceland as much as I do!



Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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27 Replies to “Iceland for First-Timers Summer Edition (7 Things You Need To Know) | Sorelle Amore”

  1. Vorletzte

    Sorry, but that was tooooooo faaaaaast for me 😀 couldn't read the text properly and stopping the video didn't make it better. Sad, cause I think the video would be very interesting and informative

  2. Meg Montague

    Hahahaha I loved this one! I'm planning an Iceland trip for next year (a lot of planning is going into it because it's been a dream of mine pretty much since I knew Iceland existed) and we were thinking maybe early September, is that a good time to visit? Also HUGE congrats on winning the best job on the planet comp, very well deserved and I can't wait to see all your content!! Much love from Scotland!

  3. anika

    i'm going to iceland tomorrow for 8 days and i'm so so so excited !! thanks to you and melina for convincing me to go there haha. i got infected by the iceland obsession of yours literally so much! you're like 80% why i'm going there lol

  4. LownBunder23

    Hey my boyfriend and I are planning to visit Island in March or September Next Year. How's the weather and tourist amount in these 2 months? 🙂 and are we able to see the northern lights?
    Btw love your Videos ❤

  5. Geena Williams

    You are a goddess and I love your videos!!!
    What is the brand of your rain jacket and pants? Please and thank you!!

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