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  1. Iris Hegeman

    I’ve seen this vlog about 10 times, and I still get goosebumps when Pat gets down on one knee😍 soo incredibly cute

  2. Danielle Guerra

    Ok I’ve never watched any of your videos before and I just stumbled on this one while looking at travel vlogs and I straight up teared up watching this😂😭💗

  3. Kayla Varney

    I think this is your best travel Vlog ever and I’m obsessed with it! The montage after the proposal 😭

  4. Prince Seokjin

    okay.. this is my 86th time watching this vlog, idk why, the fashion, alex and dan, the way it was filmed, Ireland and of course your engagement, this is just the perfect vlog 😍

  5. Tell The Birds

    What month were you guys there?? We’re planning a trip for March, just wondering what the weather was like for you!

  6. Jule M.

    You two are what I want in my future. I’m only 16 and literally started crying from seeing this because it’s so beautiful and it made me understand once again what I’m living for. Congratulations even if I’m very late, I hope to find my place too one day.

  7. mia desroches

    Super late to the engagement but Congrats!! Thrones nerd myself so seeing you guys go to the kings road made me so happy! Also when you went to Galway the fact that you looped Galway girl into the background was perfect! Tess and Pat so happy for you guys!

  8. Terry Cygan

    The way you pose and waltz every where you go.. Can't really be that fun when your drinking and hiking around Ierland.. In a fun out going way..

  9. A True Love Official

    Aww, that was a beautiful and perfect place to propose to the woman of your dream. I am so happy for you two.❤️Congratulations! Keep the fire burning and more travels to come.

  10. rando

    Did you know that he was going to propose? This felt like the Aspyn/Parker engagement which was completely planned lol

  11. Juliana Pearce

    This is my favorite video ever!! So amazing. Can’t wait to film a video like this one of these days. Wishing you and Pat such happiness!!

  12. Erin Plecas

    Did you know at trinity college library that the arrange the books on the shelf biggest to smallest going from the bottom up and that if your on your final year there jurying exam season and you are under the arch you will be “cursed” and will not pass your exams

  13. Caitlin Allen

    Sorry I missed you all! My house is only 10mins or so away from the Dark Hedges… glad you loved the trip so much. And congrats!

  14. Kasey O'Mahony

    I'm from Ireland but I moved to Australia because of family issues but it's bountiful up there.😁

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