This is the best of Bali. We found one of the last hidden spots on the island and it was easily one of the best travel experience I have had in Indonesia.

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Filmed – May 2018

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  1. Jack Cox

    That small moment when the tour guide counts the seven (leaves?) on the bottom of the fruit and says there will be seven segments inside.. i wonder if it was true! and if it is consistent with other fruits.. Great video! I'm going to make it to Bali next.

  2. Lizzie 1966

    Am loving your vlogs Christian, we are about to head back to Bali for the 11th time in September and always find something new to explore when we are there. A fun place to explore is Taman Festival, Sanur. An old theme park that didn’t get off the ground. Some great graffiti and really interesting buildings to explore. And another is Canyon tubing, right up in the mountains, beautiful scenery and a fun day.

  3. Risni Novita

    Everything in this video makes me want to go bali sooner. Especially the waterfall tour. Most people traveling to Bali, they go to mainstream places. I've been interested to go to not so crowded places for some reason. And those waterfals and rice terrace are definitely a must to visit
    Thanks for sharing this

  4. Genesis Ortiz

    Does Katy like… force you to put her in your vlogs more? She does nothing for your channel and the videos and the constant shots of her just spinning and twirling are annoying. I subscribed today from the older videos I watched and once I saw the newer ones with Katy i got annoyed and unsubscribed. It lost magic and the shots of her take away that magic

  5. Kevin M

    Watching the videos you do is what has me working on being able to do that shortly also and I cannot wait I think Molly is going to be the first place I have to go to if I can pull it off! Thanks for making the great videos would love to see the equipment you use, till then I look forward to seeing the videos again have a great one!

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