BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2016

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All the BEST and WORST things that happened to me on my travels this year.

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47 Replies to “BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2016”

  1. Zoey Arielle

    Love your videos Nadine! 🙂 Always so inspiring and you definitely had me googling up some awesome destinations here! xx

  2. Sonja Hoyt: The Happy Travel Bug

    Loved that! The skiing story was the best…we've all had moments like that while traveling. My best 2016 travel moment was renting a house in St John, USVI. I've always stayed in resorts so I loved the new experience of a private home. Will definitely do that again!

  3. Eternal Expat

    I'll be exploring more of Mexico this year – it's been my home base for the last six months and going to enjoy it for six more I think! Can't wait to see what you get up to in 2017!

  4. Flo Tray

    Your Pategonia videos have been some of my favorite! Hope you get to go back again and document it.
    On a side note: I always love your makeup. I know it is not the focus of your channel but I would love a quick video discussing the products you use and watching you apply it 😊

  5. moonsialegend

    I did a full month at Seville Spain! 😀 I think that was the best solo trip I've ever done, also my first one lol after seeing your videos I thought maybe I could gather all the videos I have into one short video , and then I realize I only have 3 videos in total and tons of photos lol! Videos seams more fun and interesting 🙂

  6. Nathan Masters

    I went to England and France for the first time ever to Europe. I want to travel more this year too.

  7. baileyjoshA13

    I have been to Mexico for a fortnight (2 weeks) and I ate their food I felt really really really fine.

  8. In the Wander Years

    I feel the same about my home country, Australia/NZ. I wanted so bad to escape and travel the world but now I really want to go back and see what's great about my home! But for now I live in Canada and I am totally ready to explore like you have!! Where was your favourite places in Canada??? Also you are soo inspiring Nadine!

  9. Goober 86

    I live in Portland and found your Mt. Hood story hilarious. I do hope you can travel more this year and I hope I can help you when you travel through portland again. I'm planning a big trip to china and japan for 47 days. Your videos are helping me plan it.

  10. Natasa Ma

    I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I always wanted to visit Europe more, but I realized I live in beautiful country and this year is going to be my-country-traveling-year 😆

  11. Laura Marotta

    I feel you omg i live in brazil can you believe i've never even been to Rio de Janeiro?? Ok tbh thats not my fault because my parents have already travelled everywhere so they already know all the best places to go to beaches so we end up just always going to the same places and me and my sister never get to know any other places and it just sucks but yeah i've been to like 3 states total and its insane theres so much to see here in brazil I can't wait til im old enough to explore it all

  12. Maria Liz

    I traveled to Mexico on an emergency and on the way there my flight was delayed 5 hours. Which made us miss our bus that was gong to take us to our final destination. Since we were in a shady city in the middle of the night, we had to ultimately sleep in the airport. Overall it took us 24 hrs to get to our destination, when it should have taken 6.

    Also, I'm vegan and in the small cities I was visiting didn't offer many options for me. I starved my entire stay.

  13. Bella Logan

    I went on a trip through Italy and France and for all 12 days I was so good about watching my stuff, watching out for pick pockets…. and on the last day in Paris, literally getting on a plane in the morning to head back to the US, i was at a peak overlooking the city it was beautiful you could see the Eiffel Tower and everything. I threw my phone in my pocket for .2 seconds and when I reached my hand back in my phone was gone and someone had pick pocketed me and i had no way of contacting my tour guide, couldn't call anyone back home to tell them I had lost my phone… I was all alone and it was the most stressful moment of my entire life. I never retrieved my pictures from that phone on that trip and it was just a sad time

  14. lauren X ocean

    It's true, travelling in your country is cool. The uk is so expensive that it's sometimes cheaper to spend time in Europe instead 😂

  15. Ryan Stevens

    My best travel moments were hiking in Sapa, being in Phong Nha (caving and seeing the beauty of that area) in Vietnam and spending my birthday at the Cave Lodge up in northern Thailand…great accommodations (huts) and great food. I'm definitely going back. My worst travel moments were getting to said Cave Lodge (the motorbike taxis had stopped running for the day) so I had to figure out how to get up there. Eventually, I was able to get a ride there after about an hour of talking/gesturing with locals. Also, flying into Vietnam without any USD for a visa is not a fun experience. In HCMC, I traded some Vietnamese Dong I had on me (this was my second time in Vietnam) + more Dong at the ATM later for visa money from this guy I met in line there at the visa counter.

  16. Cassandra Leigh

    Best = 3.5 weeks road tripping in the USA (with just carry-on, thanks for all the tips, packing cubes OMG!!!). Worst = Bali belly. 8 people sharing a 4 room villa, 7 with worst gastro known to man, is not how to spend a holiday!

  17. Angel Lin 22

    Best: going to a sleepaway horse camp 3 hours away & living in a wildlife treehouse! I don't have much variety- I am 11

  18. Nadyeska Nadyeska

    Getting stuck in Costa Rica for days after the volcano who by the way haven't erupted in years Suddenly ERUPTED😩but it was still a great trip.

  19. Jayne K

    This video has made me realise i need to explore my own country. I am from New Zealand and have been all over Europe, UK, USA, Pacific islands but I've only been to a few places here. Think I need to do a road trip in New Zealand. Its such a beautiful country and i just take it for granted

  20. peacelife

    OMG! Were you on Timberland lodge? I was there in May 2016 but we didn't ski or anything. It was our first time seeing snow and touching it on mountain. Great memories. We did go lost in the wood on our way coming there though. Sorry that you had bad time I would freak out going by myself

  21. Canadian Beauty

    Hey Nadine,
    Just found your great channel! I too am in Canada and have never travelled out of Ontario. Where do you suggest I should travel first, say your favorite Canadian spot. I am thinking of going in June.

  22. Bentley S

    I am literally cursed.
    My first time flying and someone ended up throwing up everywhere. The rental car broke down and it was a night mare.

  23. iroxv23

    My first ever real trip, my cousin and I went to Sweden and Spain. We were going Helsinki and St Petersburg. She did, I lost my passport. That was the bad. The good was I got to explore Stockholm more. Found out I was ok being on my own.

  24. coolangles

    I took my first plane to florida jacksonville and horrible experience there and back but I had a blast there and I didn't want to leave.

  25. Jenalyn Hall

    yeah Nadine I went to Telluride Colorado and tried to snowboard and broke my tailbone stayed on the bunny hill all day

  26. Megan Sunstrum

    I was on a Chiva bus in Colombia when we came around a curve on a steep mountainside road and found the road washed away by a landslide. I was seated beside a door that didn't latch closed. I've never been so sure of my impending death…but here I am writing. All thanks to the driving skills of the lovely man who backed that bus around the edge of the mountain to a safe place to turn.

  27. Bri Lar

    Such a cute smart lady. Wish you took me along to keep you warm in the tent. This year started with Cancun and environs. Canada, Alaska or some of the central northern States this summer. I hope to visit some of the great cities of Europe using or teaching english.

  28. Rebekah Gonzalez

    So we had to take a 14 hour bus ride from Tanzania to Kenya in order to catch a flight back to the US well I got food poisoning and at the boarder crossing at 4am I was desperately asking for a bathroom in swahili about to pass out. Bathrooms were closed…. 😱a guy outside directed me back inside finally after asking 3 different people an official comes over and offered to unlock the office bathrooms. At this point my vision was blurry and I thought I was going to seriously poop myself in front of about 80 people. He takes me to this dark corner of the office (kinda scary) and hands me skeleton keys. Which are really hard to use with impaired vision. Finally get the door open and relieve myself. But of course there was no running water or tissue. Thankfully I had shoved Kleenex into my boot. The remaining 5 hours on the bus was miserable but I made it home in one piece! If I survived that I can pretty much deal with anything lol 😂

  29. Emil Oprisa

    No really bad travel moment in 2016. Worst was attempting to cross a very long bridge on foot in Saint Petersburg, Russia at -27 Celsius. At one point I had to start running to heat up and prevent frostbite. Best moments were the time spent in Ubud (4 Days) and the sunsets on Gili Trawangan.

  30. Ida Brun

    Ohh yeah and for air mattresses you can take two foam mattress thingies, put one underneath the air mattress on the side you sleep on, and one directly under you, on top of the mattress to sleep on. Retains heat really well that way.

  31. Nattifftoffe

    Best: Traveling to Canada for the very first time – I went to Vancouver for a couple of days. Worst: a 24hr plane trip to go home to Europe for Christmas 😀 happy holidays and a travel-filled new year!!!

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