CHIANG MAI $500 MONTHLY LUXURY APARTMENT | Thailand Travel Vlog 035, 2017 | Digital Nomad

Hunting for apartments in Chiang Mai is actually crazy easy! We traveled as digital nomads to Chiang Mai and rented this luxury monthly apartment for only $500 PER MONTH.

The quality of life and living conditions are amazing, it’s understandable why so many digital nomads come to Chiang Mai. In this travel vlog we move into our new apartment and settle into our new Digital Nomad lifestyle.

Apartment is Palm Springs Parlor 🙂


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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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Joakim Karud

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24 Replies to “CHIANG MAI $500 MONTHLY LUXURY APARTMENT | Thailand Travel Vlog 035, 2017 | Digital Nomad”

  1. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    Congratulations on your new digs! Is Chang Mai like Bangkok where there is food all over the place on the streets?

  2. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena

    Your place looks really nice. Is there lots of good street food around you (The chicken looked super tasty)? Nice AC/DC insert! Thomas

  3. Janayn Melis

    I love the video! I looked at the Palm Springs nimman when I was in Chiang Mai with my husband. The jurisdiction person didn't show up so we ended up staying at Play Condo across the street from Maya Mall off of Huey Kaew. We paid about $420 US per month.

  4. Greenoid Adventure

    nice place! we're currently in Chiang Mai – up in the hills staying with a family for a month on a workaway. defo gonna come back and get a place in the city for a month though later on in the year I reckon.

  5. gredarth D

    Hey just a quick question I didn't see the name of the hotel that you are talking about and also does it come with a safe in the room also does it have a 2 bedroom floor plan?? Planning on coming to Thailand and am going to be setting base in Chiang Mai and then traveling the rest of Thailand to find where I want to settle. Just found your channel and it looks really nice 🙂

  6. shyvixx100

    damn this man is fine as hell. omg! sorry no disrespect. I just never seen such an attractive man like this one!. here in America they are all fat and bald smh

  7. Jennifer Campbell

    $500 US for the apartment, but how long was your lease agreement? From what I've seen, shorter term leases are quite a bit more expensive than what you could expect to pay for a longer term (6 months+) lease.

  8. Kadshah Nagibe

    I heard the Nimmanheimman area is under the flight path from Chiang Mai airport does it get really noisy or is it minimal? BTW great VLOG.

  9. g ride

    Hi there, really enjoying your videos thank-you.
    Was the internet consistently fast and reliable in the apartment?

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