What California College Students are Wearing Pt. 2

I loved making the last “What California College Students Are Wearing” so I decided to create one more! Hope you enjoy!
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I go to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA

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48 Replies to “What California College Students are Wearing Pt. 2”

  1. Lola Max

    Is it not hot outside? Everyone is wearing long sleeves I’m jealous it’s 102 In Texas right now. Also I have the same green Rocky Mountain jeans!

  2. Julia Clement

    I LOVE THIS TYPE OF VIDEO !!!! I wish you could do that with people on the street! That would be sooooo amazing! Love from Germany!!!

  3. Katrin H

    These lovely people have such an original fashion sense, awesome! Where I live, u will be judged just for wearing flared pants

  4. Sakura M

    Can’t stop watching your video’s…❤️
    I wanna know where did Yasmine get her shirt! I love her style sooo much!!!

  5. ianthia

    Damn everyone out there wearing vans! Last time I wore the checkered slip ons was like 7th grade. It's awesome to see some things never go out of style!

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