This is my home.

From Bali, Bangkok, the Amazon of Peru and finally, back to Vancouver Canada, this project was a fun home tour and creative challenge given to me by Bombardier to share what home means and my journey getting there.

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35 Replies to “This is my home.”

  1. Sebastian Dylag

    Happy New Year Christian and Katy ! Let's make 2019 even better !
    Now let's watch this video, have been waiting for an upload ! 😁
    PS. I am just 22 subscribers from 1000 ! And to think my channel started because of you ! THANK YOU !

  2. Chasing Rover

    I always call Bangkok as my second home because this is the first country I have visited for the first time as a solo traveller! 😘 Really love Thailand.

  3. stvnseagull

    why didn't you include PH as one of your homes, like you have tons of videos made in the PH there's surely a good reason why it isn't included.

  4. Roxanne P

    what a weird choice of sponsor… disappointing considering bombardier is laying off thousands of workers in your home country of canada… did you do any research before accepting this sponsor or do you simply not care?

  5. dedy kurniyanto

    Its not fair for us indonesians. Cuz u spends cheap money to travel the world but we spend expensive money to travel like you. Its because exchange rate gap.

  6. Anasa Traveller

    Your videos are great. I like them a lot and I am also getting inspired to revitalize my channel 🙂 Happy 2019!!

  7. MickMack

    Man, I couldnt critc you more for selling your soul to the devil an promote every product which brings you a few cent. But at the end of the day, you are producing pinnacle content and I am still watching your stuff. Keep on doing what you like!

  8. Nick Alan

    I adore the video! Its very creative. I was in recent weeks in Tulum, also it turned out to be really great, I just made a little drone video clips of my get-away there!

  9. Nobita Hades

    I from Bangkok,we love you. I love Bali as well. It's a special place. We are currently building 4 monorail route. Expected to be completed within 2 years , yellow line, pink Line, Gold line and brown line. Every route uses the monorail system bombardier innovia 300. If finished, we invite you to test.

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