YOUR ICELAND QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Cost, Northern Lights, What I Love/Hate About Iceland etc

YOUR ICELAND QUESTIONS ANSWERED Cost, what I love and hate about Iceland, must see secret places, how to move to Iceland, shopping, volcano eruptions and more!

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Sorelle Amore

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42 Replies to “YOUR ICELAND QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Cost, Northern Lights, What I Love/Hate About Iceland etc”

  1. Simona Balas

    You know last month, after seeing your video, I bought my self a ticket to Iceland 🙂 I'm so thrilled to see it.It's a shame that I won't be able to drive there (I'm very bad driver), as well I checked your instagram what camera do you use for pictures? they are breath taking

  2. Yongsung Kim

    I watched lots of your videos while planning my trip to Iceland. I really like them not just because it's informative and entertaining but because I felt your positive energy. Thanks for sharing your positive energy with us.

  3. Skid1288

    4:14 same here! but i'm Texan so a snow day is like winning the lotto here to me for some it might be like in a painful car crash or like doing a bottle flip depends from people to people

  4. I Code

    Hi I am an Ethiopian citizen but I am currently living in China for study purposes and I want to study in Iceland how can I move there thank you

  5. Kristina Parsons

    This was super helpful 🙂 I have a dumb question…are the Northern lights very visible to the naked eye? I've heard some people say it's only really seen through a good camera, and in person it's quite dull (as in not vibrant)

  6. Eagle Eyes

    You have fantastic energy. You have talent and enthusiasm. I will visit Iceland soon as I want stability there. Can you give me any advice about working there and can I find work easily. thank you for your patience.

  7. Cathy Lewis

    "Come to Iceland to see our whales, puffins, and horses…and then eat them on the menu." What?? I wish the country would make up its mind about what kind of tourists they'd like to attract and hopefully side with the nature lovers! When I was visiting I did tell one of the restaurants with the Icelandic Platter of whale, puffin, and horse that I couldn't patron them despite their lamb sandwich awards!

  8. eastjinks

    Blah blah, I've been to Iceland several times. How the hell do I get out of the absolute miserable place I live (Florida, USA) and move somewhere where stuff works? I am very willing to work hard and be miserable to not have to live in what America is becoming. My wife is a nurse and I'm a computer programmer–I don't want to raise our son in the Deep South of the USA, having been to a place that has everything I love (Iceland) while living in a place that has everything I hate (Florida).

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