INDIA TRAIN VLOG | Don’t Get SICK in India Traveling by Train | PUSHKAR to JODHPUR

This INDIA TRAIN VLOG is a CRAZY Indian train review of 2 Americans’ experience with traveling by train in india on indian railways. The trains in India are all different with sleeper train, 2ac train india, and first class indian train as a few options. As foreigners in india riding a train in india, we show in our india vlog train vlog how to not get sick in india and what to do in india. Next, we’ll show our first class indian railways vlog! We hope you enjoy our tips to not get sick in India. // Travel Vlog #68 // Pushkar to Jodhpur

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We draw inspiration from several related channels the Bucket List Family, Kara and Nate, Lost Leblanc, Flying the Nest, the Endless Adventure, and BuzzFeedVideo.

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44 Replies to “INDIA TRAIN VLOG | Don’t Get SICK in India Traveling by Train | PUSHKAR to JODHPUR”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    Thanks for watching, and welcome to our channel! 🙂 feel free to share your personal tips in the comments below for not getting sick!

  2. handywandy

    Your video and its name is hightly disrespectful. There are better ways of putting it accross without being demeaning. With regard to your concerns of cleanliness, oh yaa indians who take bath everyday are much cleaner than westerners who take bath once a week

  3. ellie,muffasa and others

    How much delayed was your train?
    Don't get disheartened by negative comments down below . Ignore them and enjoy your time in India .
    We like your videos .

  4. Khayam Khan

    The people calling this video disrespectful and racist and all that crap probably havent done any overseas travelling, especially to countries that are total opposite to their country.
    So let me explain something to these people. People who live in a country for long long time get used to the way thing are their, mentally and physically and environmentally. But when tourists visit that country, they are not used to it. So there are always chances of them falling ill, esp from gastro, and esp in countries with bad hygiene practices environmentally and in eateries. So therefore the tips given by Hannah are actually very good. And they can not only be used in India but some other countries as well.
    So to the haters, i say take a chill pill peeps and open your minds a bit and try and see things from both sides, esp from a tourists perspective.
    Now to those saying Hannah should stay behind camera and blah blah blah, you people need hearing aids and pair of glasses.

  5. hanselxy

    Great vid guys…glad you liked the Ac 2- tier coach……. you forgot to show the reading lights near your bunck…no time!

  6. Abinash Panigrahy

    Agreed with your precautionary tips. I just want to request tourists to not always go for the most authentic experience at the cost of health risks, it's not worth it. Here, for many people cleanliness is a luxury and luxury always comes at a higher cost.

    I am telling this because in many cities, friendly local people will send you into a dirty hotel in a narrow lane in a corner of the city and will say it as a 93 year old authentic hotel. But in my view it is better to go for a modern and clean place at a convenient location and eating there with proper cutlery – even if it's a bit semi authentic. For example if I am visiting Delhi, I eat at decent restaurants at Connaught Place rather than in the old hotels in the dirty lanes of Chandni Chowk. I may not get the best authentic experience but I am staying healthy at an unknown city. Similarly, while travelling I reach airports early and eat in the airport at 4 times the original cost -thus having a less chance of getting sick.

  7. EeSan

    It's not India, in actually the change of habitat.
    It's not train, it's the type of train you choose. The train service depends upon the type you choose.
    We have very diverse economy class people that's why there are different type of train and services as accordance, plus de are developing and we have aa huge population to cover.
    We have huge population because:-
    1. We are oldest urban civilization.
    2. Never faced European plague death like situation.
    3. Income caravan of people from centuries.
    4. Lots of invasion.
    5. Colonial british destroy indian education system, and never made new education institution as per population demands. So eventually poor education cause more population.
    We restarted this new Indian with very limited resources and we are trying hard to be developed.
    It's easy to complain but it's takes heart to understand us.

  8. Real_Ankit

    Hey guys, couple of things here-

    1. There was nothing racist or anything which some guys are commenting. All she mentioned was everything our parents and adults taught as, to not do, as a part of hygiene.

    We always prefer cleaner street food, and even we get sick when we eat crap from street. All of us, actually.

    2. Some Indians are over sensitive and it is not entirely their fault as well. With the western media propaganda, especially from NewYork Times, BBC or Washington Post, it is EXTREMELY difficult to know which ones are genuine concerns and which ones are propaganda.

    I request you guys to not get disheartened or feel bad after reading these comments.

    3. While we are speaking, govt. Is actually making newer set of advanced trains, just like metros, with automatic doors.

    Of course it is safer, because a LOT of accidents happen due to people posing on the doors of a running train (yes, just like you did). But then there is no fun in not standing on doors as well 😂

    3. Please make a sit-down video on India. Like 5 things you liked about india, 5 things you disliked, 5 things you want to change, if possible, 5 reasons why you would want to come back to India etc.

    Let us know how has travelling to India changed your perspective about her.

  9. Doctor Chetan

    guys you need to visit Goa, the most developed state of India! Its popularly known as the party capital of South Asia and is comparable to Ibiza and Miami.
    If you need help with your Goa Itinerary , you can ping me on instagram @indiagraphers (am a local here 🙂 ) looking forward to your Goa vlog

  10. Chloe Travis

    I really like the mix of adventure and travel advice, especially as I'm planning a University gap year. Would really appreciate some practical advice about packing, what to take with you, what to buy, what to rent? Did you take your own wetsuit/snorkelling stuff or rent it? Please keep including Hannah's practical advice!

  11. Ethan Janis

    I really liked the eating safe tips! I would never have thought about hiring a local to show us the best food places! How did you find someone that you could trust? The review of the train was also super interesting!

  12. Dewan Ahsan

    You guys forgot to mention pepto-bismil tablets. It is a must before breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 per day.

  13. Tim Voot

    Nothing disrespectful about this video, India is an disgusting country where you can get killed for eating beef without proof, were women and kids get raped and sexually harassed and politicians hold rallies to support these people, where open defecation is common, filth everywhere, where the police turn a blind eye to women getting harassed and abused, Indian men are disgusting scum, don't even know why people go to this shit hole of a country. Where the food is prepared in such a unhygienic way you are bound to get sick and worse even die.

  14. manish rai

    You don't know what India means, in every 50 km our languages different our culture different but on the way we known as 🇮🇳👳

  15. Deepak C

    There are rules written at entry side of each coach where it is written not to open doors unnecessarily and look out like that else IR is not responsible for thaa!!

  16. srinivas m


  17. Samarth Bh

    Guys be safe while you are hanging on a door or sitting near an open window of trains in India.. There are petty thieves who will be standing near to the track to snatch your phone. Just an advice for foreigners traveling to India

  18. Ponga Pandit

    New subscriber here. Nice content, good luck with your adventure in India. Funny how I took the exact opposite route to yours. Did enough train rides to last a lifetime when I was growing up in India but went into investment banking in the same city that you left behind 🙂

  19. abbeydudeuk

    its not just food but when u travel u r changing climate every now and then which makes u sick. Also avoid cheap foods in India to avoid being sick. I am an Indian but never dare to eat food from stalls where foreigners dare to go. Eat in std. restaurants food is pricey but taste and health guaranteed. eat street food only famous shops and crowded with customers

  20. Hᴜꜱᴛʟᴇ Lᴏʏ

    These coaches are older ICF coaches. Lesser traveled trains have these coaches. These are not produced now.
    New trains have LHB coaches, which are much modern in interior design.

  21. Alpha Rayquaza

    Im sorry for those negative comments down below, you were just honest and thats y the people angry, love from indiaaa 😁 people cant handle too much honesty these days

  22. ErosVlogs

    Loving the video and you have done an amazing job on the edit! If you have time let me know what you think of my latest video just need some feedback! 😃

  23. Chris Boscurry

    Hannah and Chad,
    Interesting about hanging out of trains. Very often those toilets flush and empty on the tracks. If it was feeling like light rain…oops. 😀

    Taxi, rickshaw, truck drivers can't afford to be squatting. They don't make money if they are sick. They usually know places that serve good, hot, locally sourced, prepared in local style, fair priced food.

    As to street food, if there is a crowd of locals, no one is getting sick at that stall. The locals also look for good, fresh, clean, tasty food at a good price.

    If it is coming directly out of a fryer, a pan, a grill, or tandoor, if it too hot to handle or put in your mouth, you have good healthy food because all of the nasties have been destroyed by the heat.

    If it is sitting away from the heat, waiting to be bought, pass on it.

  24. Ganesh K

    just dont drink water or juices of the street ….only bottled water and dont eat from a place which has no rush

  25. Craig Smith

    I'm enjoying your vlogs folks, as we are going to India next week – January 25 , wooo hooo. We took the Dukoral vaccine recently (a drink, which works to help block "Delhi belly") + we intend to use the Travelan tablets while there (take one before each meal, we swear by them. Used them all over SE Asia). Travelan coats the gut lining and stops the bad bacteria binding. I think it was developed here in Oz, but I believe it is availabel more widely. (USA, etc.) So, we will see…..

  26. deepak rajput

    Just spend more money right
    take ride on maharaja express
    Surely you can't afford

    And in every country has good and bad parts

    You are showing weird things about India
    which has in every country
    Thanks best of luck


    In india we called guest to in sanskrit athiti dev bhav in english guest is our god but huge population in india 1.4.billion some where not same people behavior diffrent places if you face some inconvenient we r sorry for that but india is so nice n good

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