Getting Lost in Alexandria

What better way to spend the day than getting lost in underground crypts and massive citadels?


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Alexandria, Egypt
Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa
Citadel of Qaitbay
New Library of Alexandria


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41 Replies to “Getting Lost in Alexandria”

  1. Chris Hind

    You need to go to the villas de papyri in Herculaneum which apparently has duplicates of the Scrolls from the Library of Alexandria beneath the ruins. HP the printer company has offered to restore them but the Greek government is too damn corrupt and wants them to pay for all sorts of stuff before they will let them get to the Scrolls. the villas de papyri is a satellite branch basically of the Library of Alexandria. also the getty villa in los angeles is a modern replica of the villas de papyri in its heyday which I found absolutely fascinating and Then followed up with a Greek lunch

  2. Caesarillion Aurelius

    TLight Darling, how much was flight to Cairo from China? I'm looking at going to Tuscany from Bangkok for the l'Eroica bicycle ride and wonder too how that would be done? Go to Rome and then take the bus, but could I put my bike on the bus? Also I want to go to Crete on the cheap from Bangkok. I could get to Cairo via Dubai for under $495 USD but then how to go on to Crete? And, is this the cheapest way? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Publius V in Krung Thep, Siam.

  3. Jeanet C

    This is so cool. Not too many ppl know about Alexandria so it's nice to see someone sharing this beautiful place and its history. Your like the real life Lara Croft.

  4. Samah Fathi

    الاجانب بتيجي سياحه لمصر وتصور مصر بطريقه جميله والاعلام مطلعها زفت فلان اغتصب وفلانه اتطلقت وفلان قتل والله انا بتحسف انا حسيت براحه من الفيديو والتصوير 😘😘😘🌹❤

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