Salvation Mountain Camping VLOG

Ooo baby this video has been a long time coming! But better late than never am I right? I had a blast exploring the Salvation Mountain, Slab City, East Jesus, abandoned trains, and more. We were originally supposed to go to Big Sur and SF but got rained up and ended on an accidental guys trip plus Grace and I in the desert. Love these guys (and girl) foreva!

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20 Replies to “Salvation Mountain Camping VLOG”

  1. Kiara Madisen

    Wait this is actually the coolest place ever!! I bet you got some amazing pictures!! You guys look like you had a blast and I makes me want to go here when I go to the desert next week!! ❤️

  2. Isabella Parker

    rarely do i come across a channel that I subscribe just by looking at all the thumbnails and the ABUNDANCE of COOL VIDEOS you have…. and then of course i binge watched everything you've made and I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHANNEL!!!!! you're goalssss

  3. Nicky Nick

    since gta5 used salvation mountain in their game which they made the mountain into a stupid ufo mountain, all the money that rockstar made off the game they should give some of that money to the creator of this mountain or his family close ones

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