The Women Of NASCAR Nobody Is Talking About

Meet women working hard in one of the most male dominated sports, NASCAR. Share this video!
Brehanna made history as the first african american female tire changer. Know an inspiring woman to be featured? email

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44 Replies to “The Women Of NASCAR Nobody Is Talking About”

  1. Brielle Renee

    Wow! The quality is impeccable! The way you put this together and also the story behind this video we’re both inspiring, watching you use your gift while watching someone use their gift makes me want to use mine even more! Thank you for putting time into what you do, it definitely shows 😊❤️

  2. jensen janowski

    this is such a great idea!!! there is a female motocross racer named Ashley Fiolek and she's amazing!!

  3. Florine Humbert

    Thank you for making great content on YouTube ! I can't wait to see the folowing episodes … 🙂

  4. ella munro

    super cool inspiring videography!!!!!

    some people you could film
    – amanda mena : young singer who came from the Dominican Republic not being able to speak a word of English who overcame that
    – any of the women in either the skateboarding, soccer / football industry have had to overcome a lot of adversity ( e.g. it took 6 years for the major American TV channel which now streams the NWSL : national womens soccer league, to agree to broadcast their games )
    – Emma Gonzalez and people alike

  5. victoria c.

    I love that you are doing something you are passionate about and these documentaries are amazing!! I love it so much!!

  6. Elise

    I love this! I love the style of shooting and editing that you have. And I am so behind you for taking the risk in making a new type of content on YouTube. A lot of people get sick of what they are making and just quit, but I think it’s so inspiring that you used your boredom (sorry if I’m putting words in your mouth) and turned it into something totally creative. There aren’t too many people on YouTube who balance personal/lifestyle content with journalism type content, and I think you are doing a great job of it! Your style is consistent without being monotonous and I can’t wait to see what your channel/work becomes! Great job! 🙂

  7. tarynnn

    This is badass. I grew up watching nascar so it’s so cool to see a story about the pit crew. Great story-telling!!

  8. afton kalous

    This video is very original and creative. It's very nice to have something neat to watch inside of the typical makeup and beauty tutorials that are abundant. This is a really cool side of YouTube. You're unlike any other content creator and easily my favorite.

  9. Quietly Written

    Very cool! I love your videos and this one taught me a lot. Good luck with your career, Brehanna! 🙂

  10. skittles -rain

    this is honestly the content we should be watching. these are the kind of things that deserve to be talked about. keep it up!!!!!!!!

  11. Jazzmine Dixon

    Thank you so much for this video! My boyfriend, whom is African American introduced me to Nascar 5 years ago and i attend at least 2 races a year. This is great! Love the documentary style videos

  12. A Little Bit of Everything

    Being apart of the pot crew is like it's own sport itself. I now have a new found respect for the pit crew. I live in North Carolina so I really need to get down to Charlotte to watch a race!

  13. Sarah Goddard

    "If it wasn't for him… and my work ethic… I wouldn't be here today."
    YES! So many women are afraid of taking credit for their own hardwork. I am so excited to this series and everything else you bring to us, Monica. You're already doing incredible things and are a Riveting Woman worthy of bringing these stories to light <3 can't wait for more!

  14. quincysmovies2

    It’s so nice to see you make content that you actually want to make. You can see your passion back in these shots & storytelling. Keep doing what you love!

  15. Tiffany Blair

    I'm a month late watching this, but this is awesome! I loved this video. Great job Monica, and to Brehanna.

  16. Rawand Shihabi

    i used to watch hundreds of youtubers but in the ends just got bored ..but you always inspire me because you are never act fake and your videos are simply perfect keep it up

  17. AlyG99 luv

    Oh my goodness! I love NASCAR!!! I am a 19 year old girl! I totally support females in NASCAR. Go women! ❤🏁

  18. scott albert

    Making a big deal out the fact that she got the job and she's female is one thing but because she's black, was hired because they were "looking for an African – American female" and this is NASCAR……….doesn't that make it "RACE – ism"?

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