EL NIDO BEACH PALAWAN VLOG 2017 | Philippines Travel Vlog 022, 2017

ARRIVED IN EL NIDO!! In this vlog we depart Puerto Princesa for El Nido Palawan – this place is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the Philippines. After a few casual beers on the beach I smashed my head against a concrete wall, should I have got stitches? Oh well, I was fine in the end!
If you’re coming to The Philippines you need to be sure to visit Palawan and check out both El Nido and Coron for sure! See our other vlogs to see why, the beaches are incredible.


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24 Replies to “EL NIDO BEACH PALAWAN VLOG 2017 | Philippines Travel Vlog 022, 2017”

  1. John Martin Kinatac-an

    Happy to see these kids playing in the street and enjoying life… most of the children nowadays are stocked playing tablets

  2. Geoff Zo

    Cool Vlog. Video is clear. Hope you feel better. Question? How or where'd you get the van ride to el Nido from Puerto? Planning a trip in a month. Thanks!

  3. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena

    Gotta watch those Red Horses! They get you so fast. Stand up from having a few and have total drunk legs haha. Nice video! Happy to have found you channel.

  4. GlassLegend#

    why you had to vlog in a stupid cloudy dude?!   what are you thinking?  El nido is always known for it's bright sunny days almost all year around and you have to upload a cloudy day in El nido too.   you depress me, dude!   shame on you and stop these non sense blogging!

  5. HisandHersLA

    Found you guys through @cupoftj vlogs. I'm laughing at all the kids saying that you were so close to the bottle 😂 "ang lapit niya". Hope that wound healed quickly.

  6. Daneger and Stacey

    🇵🇭 Watching in 2018? AWESOME NEWS! We came back to the Philippines and filmed another 20 vlogs – they're better in every way, way more cinematic, and you definitely have to check them out. Here's the playlist, thank you and enjoy ❤️ https://goo.gl/nLKo3s

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