A WEEK IN PARIS | travel vlog

Come along on a week in Paris with me! I meant to post this a little while ago but I literally just moved to NYC yesterday so I’m a bit behind on all my content right now. Paris was such a dream to enjoy with my family and friends! I lived in Paris on my own when I was 18/19 so it was so amazing to get to show off my favorite spots to some of my favorite people. We didn’t hit many of the main touristy spots because most of us had done them before and wanted to just enjoy every day life in the city.
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Moi Je Joue
Lovers Rock- TV Girl
Paris Song- Oh Hello
Steezy Prime- Explore
Broken- Birocratic
Daisy- Philip E Morris
Unrhythm – Birocratic
Celery Man-Birocratic

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24 Replies to “A WEEK IN PARIS | travel vlog”

  1. VlogsbyAra

    Ahh I love how chill this vlog is! And that you went to a bookstore cafe!!😍 check out my own Paris vlog if you’d like 🙂 just uploaded it!

  2. Travel Teez

    Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  3. Abdul Maajid Gouri

    are u fo real? der is more thing than Paris …. Ua Eyes ….i haven't seen such beautiful eyes…. …. Ua beautiful than Paris….


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  5. RoomWithAView

    Miss Paris. I don’t fall in love with many cities without being conscious of what my heart is doing and letting it fall. Paris is a city that even the strongest of hearts will find themselves releasing admiration at some time or another.

  6. Utkarsh Parihar

    So sad that islam is growing rapidly in Europe…..government should do something regarding this issue or else one day will come when…..Europe will lost its beauty ,freedom and happiness😞😞😞😞😞😞!!

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