Road to Hana is a beautiful curvy road that brings you to countless waterfalls and incredible volcanic sites. Maui is insanely beautiful.

Hawaii 3 – The Power of Yes
Hawaii 2 – This Ruined Travel for me
Hawaii 1 – World’s Most Beautiful (You Need to Watch This)

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May 2017

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  1. Lost LeBlanc

    Don't miss Pt1 of Hawaii:

    Hope you enjoyed Pt4 and the end of Hawaii ! If ya did, Smmaaassh that thumbs up button !
    Let me hear your thoughts! Follow the adventure on Instagram @LostLeBlanc

  2. | Ride.the.Flow |

    EPINESSSSSSS so fire loved every second of it…..Gonna have to go and make a edit of this place too

  3. The Race-Ist

    I love you both Christian and Laura. You guys are just amazing. From filming to editing to effects and lastly uploading the beautiful work is a hell of a trouble but you guys killed it. Love and peace out from Luke, Singapore 🙂

  4. boostftw123

    Can somebody please tell me the location of the waterfalls he visted? I'm in maui and haven't really seen that many yet 🙁

  5. TINA | Realtor | Coldwell Banker Marquise Realty

    Hey fellow Vancouverite! We just got back from Maui and I miss it so much! I happened to come across your channel when looking for Maui drone work! LOVE YOUR Style man! I guess I'll mail the lava stone back now 🙁

  6. 1bigimpact

    not sure id be cool enough to hang with yall but dope video fuck everybodies shit comments 407k dont lie lol is that chic single

  7. BeautifulPlaces

    Cool video man. i like. I was on Hawaii in october 2017. Have a video on my channel from big island and maui

  8. Malik Magman

    That Video was awesome, also pt.1 to pt.3 … i have been two times two Hawaii and i can feel 100 % that Hawaii is the best place i have ever seen….thumbs up guys! 🙂

  9. Nida K

    Hana – so calming, I miss it. Now I live in the US mainland, planning another trip soon. Hiking Wainapanapa , Wailuku and Haiku area so beautiful!!!!

  10. Jenny Hirst

    Heya Jenny here from UNILAD, would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the video without any water marks to the link below and if you have any questions feel free to email me at

  11. starbox515

    Good visual video but it would be nice if they actually gave some information of where they were so we could make notes and actually wasted 10 minutes of our time for something useful.

  12. Maria Djordjević

    I really liked Dan. He seems easy going and ready for adventures. Dan should definitely be part of your crew.

  13. Turtles19

    hi! I’m going on my honeymoon this month to Maui is there any way you can tell me the name or how to get to the fall on min 3:14

  14. takethatthomas

    Auē… Nui nā malihini ma nā ʻāina kapu… E mālama a mai waiho ʻoukou i nā wahi huna. Hewa nō. E hoʻi mai ʻoukou i ko ʻoukou ʻāina home…

  15. - Carlitosroberto -

    Hey guys awesome clip, im traveling to Hawai, solo so Im looking for tourist guide or travel company, did you hire skmeone, how can i find someone?

  16. Stephen Hill

    I volunteered on an organic farm harvesting bananas each day. three months. i suggest spending quality amount of time in these locations of our planet. indigenous history too learn that.

  17. Dylan Brodigan

    I will be going to Maui in March. Pretty excited to experience the beauty you captured in this video!

  18. Sophia Gardos

    I took a tour bus from Wailea to Hana and it was seriously amazing! It seems like doing the whole thing solo is also amazing, but the bus I went on only had a few of us, the guide was hilarious and almost did not feel like a guide, and we really hit the best spots and ones you can't find going up there alone. You also get to learn so much! It was like $100 per person and was almost all day but I definitely recommend. If you're into photography, you also get tons of pictures with all the spots.

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